Sunday, March 20, 2011

Overwhelmed with *stuff*

I don't know if it is the time of year or what , but I am
finding myself just overwhelmed with too much

I don't think I have ever told you that probably 98% of
the *stuff* that I take to my booth is not what I have
made for resale, but rather items that I have used in my
decor at one time or another and my tastes have

Such as these flowers...really had a thing for them at
one time, but not so much anymore so I wrapped
them up in brown paper , added cute tags and off
they went to my booth.

I purchased this crate just to display them in. How could
I pass it up at $8.95?
{adding to my more stuff dilema} I think it is just a
vicious cycle. :)

I have sold several of these tissue paper pom poms
and love the look of them hanging from my ladder.
I intended to add butterflies flitting around overhead,
but forgot them again so I am making a list for the next
time I go!

This wire cloche didn't last long in my booth.
Love it too , but just can't keep everything.

{I did keep one a tad larger just like this one
though! lol.}

More *stuff*

...and yet more!

I did paint this vintage wooden spoon holder
white and hung the hankies on it so that is one
item I did pick up just to refurbish.

This little cutie didn't last long in my booth. I thought it turned out adorable and I am glad
that someone else loved it too!
{thus helping me de-stuff even more}

French stamped ribbon that I made several days ago
using up some more fabric in my stash.

I also made these pretty tags to go on the ribbon...
hoping that someone will buy them to help get rid
of yet more stuff. lol.

A vintage pillow ticking case that I loved at one time,
is now for sale in my booth. I do still think it is so pretty,
but I am leaning more toward neutrals so a lot of
pink items are going...going...gone
around here.

I am about ready to add a sign in my booth that says,
Everything is $1.00...
just buy it and get it out of here.

I probably won't go that drastic , but some days I
am very tempted!

So what did we conclude from this ridiculous long
post? I have too much stuff!!

Do you get the itch to purge at this time of year?
I am on a roll and a purging I shall go!!


Sheila said...

I too am OVERWHELMED with so much in my life. I have so many things that are on my to create/do list that it is consumming me...I need to let go and get real :) have a lovely Sunday.


sonya said...

I want to visit your booth! But like you I have TOO much stuff! I love looking at pretties though.
Have a wonderful SONday~

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Oh ya I feel very frustrated this time of year.The weather, being stuck in the house drives me crazy and I just want to start hucking things out the door.
I love your ribbon looks great! Everything is so pretty and looks like spring~Cheers Kim

Annie Louise said...

Totally understand where you are coming from. I love my stuff for awhile and then it is like I wake up one day and think -- I have toooooooo much junk--get it out of here :)
Love the look of all your stuff, though. Good luck with decluttering.

Fishtail Cottage said...

Oh my! I am looking for "stuff" to add to my home right now - so i'd love to peek thru what you are purging! I am never one to hold onto anything that doesn't have a place - i sometimes regret getting rid of things - but it's always fun to go out & peek around for the newly decided "musts haves" xoxo

Marydon said...

I want it ALL, Sandi ... but what ever would I do with it. Lovely items & presentation .. I am starting to thin things out again here.

Chilly first od spring here ... yesterday was warm & beautiful.

Happy Spring ~
Hugs of love,

Donna said...

What beautiful treasures, Sandi! I would have a hard time parting with such lovelies, but I can certainly understand the need to purge! One of my favorite things is the gorgeous stamped fabric that you created! Love! And I also really love your artful displays:)

Susan said...

Hello Sandi,
Oh, how I wish I lived near your booth to take some of that scrumptious stuff off your hands. I'm also trying to purge stuff from my kitchen. Spring cleaning is in the air!
- Susan

Passionate for White said...

I always have the urge to purge but I hardly act on it.... Good intentions though!

Custom Comforts said...

Sandi ~ love your stuff!!! I've been collecting a lot of it myself lately, but most all of it is for upcoming sales. I have more fun playing with all of it.
Would you by any chance be willing to share how you made your French fabric ribbon?


That is what I LOVE about having a place to sell "stuff"...when I'm feeling like you are..just bring it to the booth:)

Crystal said...

I ALWAYS have too much!!! At least you have a booth to unload something in!!!! I think I need one!!! I'm ready to let go of some things myself. Your booth looks inviting!!! Too bad I don't live nearby....I would add some more to mine and relieve you of a lot of yours!!! lol

A Cottage Muse said...

Too much "stuff" is an understatement! I am happy to say that lately some treasures in my booth that have been there a little too long have found a new home!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy!!
Came back to blogging after a long rest!! Missed you all!!
Beautiful things in your booth...WOW you sure have been busy!!

Sweet Old Vintage said...

I too seem to be feeling the same emotions... I do believe it is this time of year... Our homes have the need to open windows and doors and let the gentle breezes in... It comes with being basically cooped up... but yet I don't care to complain much cause I am so blessed to have a home... It always seems to pass when we can once again walk in our yards and connect with nature... Just count our blessings and all will be well.

Elyse said...

totally, sandi!

i look at my corner of the basement and think -- who needs any of this! and then i open an empty bag and can't seem to get rid of any of it. i think it's especially challenging when you're "crafty" because you're always thinking: i could use this someday! LOL

you do have some great stuff!

happy spring ~*~


Sheila said...

I love all the pink stuff! Where is your booth? I think it is too far for me. :( I'm near Seattle.

I have too much stuff, too, but it of the paper variety (papers, magazines, etc).

Snugglebug Blessings said...

Oh how you have hit the nail on the head. My attic keeps calling me to get rid of stuff. I can hardly walk in there now. Boxes and boxes stare at me and I keep saying "I have got to go through all this stuff".

But your pink stuff is calling me. Oh how I love it and do I really need more stuff, well pink stuff...maybe. LOL! God bless. Cathy

Miss Gracie's House said...

i am so here...see my latest post...i am thankful for a space to help me send stuff to...but i think that is most of the problem:)...congrats on winning that awesome giveaway!
Have a great week, dearie.