Monday, March 2, 2015

The Phone Call

Thursday evening
a little before 8 pm
I got
the call.

The one that no one
wants to get.

Someone you love
has a medical emergency.

It was Mr. Wayside Treasure's boss
on the phone.

Hubby had passed out.
On the cement floor 
beside his machine.

Upright one minute
Flat on the floor 
the next.

Co-workers ran
to his aid.
Waited with him
until he came to. 

Calling his name.
Over and over. 

 EMS came.
Then off to the

You know
that place 
where they poke 
you with needles,
ask you tons of questions
and try to figure out 
what's wrong.

They poked
and poked
some more.

No veins to be found.
They kept poking
over and over
over and over
over and over

{not exaggerating}

One nurse
Two nurses
Three nurses

Fourth one
brought down

She got blood.

Severely dehydrated.
Potassium very low.
{from losing so much fluid from
being sick}

We want to admit him.
double ugh!

Pumped him with
and potassium.

Forgot to tell him that
is very painful
as it drips in.

Extremely painful!

"Feels like someone
scooping out my arm
with an ice cream 
scoop painful!"

I went after and
found a nurse.
She slowed it 
so it was tolerable.

My eyes were barely 
staying open.
I headed home 
for some rest.

Rest did not come.
Don't know why I tried.

A few hours later.
Back to hospital.
 Up to his room.

More poking
and prodding.

Veins did not cooperate.

So many nurses.

We laughed our
way through.
most of the time.

What else
can you

I told them,
"he would not make
a good 
blood donor".

They agreed. 

No blood
the usual way.
Not working.

Put in a Pic line.
That will work!

Did not work.
They said they
 have never known
it not to work.

Teeniest amount of 
in the tube
after four more 

It clotted

Couldn't use it.

Over and over...
quite an ordeal.
Then, it clotted in 
the syringe.

huh? what?

We have never
seen this before.

Again, teeniest amount
of blood drawn.

I am literally
 running this 
down to
the lab
before it clots!

for a bit.

Minutes later
Two more nurses..

"we are going
to draw
your blood."

You are kidding!
Won't work.

It worked!
No problem!

"Where were you
hours ago?"

I brought him 
about 5 pm

He is so
thankful to be

Sore tailbone
bit his lip
from his
close-up encounter
with the


Thank you God!

{he is back to work today
after a restful weekend}

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cupid Float...yumm!

Have you ever had a

cupid float?

oh my!

 I was introduced to them by my cousin and they are so addictive!

It is so easy peasy to make them!

You get out a pretty glass and add a few scoops of vanilla ice cream.

Then you pour in some Cherry 7-up and top it with whipped cream and a cherry.

I told you calories either!!! NONE whatsoever...haha!

{disclaimer: they just might have a few of those nasty calories hanging around, but they are so worth it}


We are still in the throws of winter here in Michigan. We have had some nasty weather lately.

Last week we went to town to get a few groceries and the weather was okay on the way there.
An hour or less later a snow squall burst upon the scene and it was a mess. There were
white-outs and it was scary driving. We had just got outside of town and headed home and came
upon an accident and then not much farther down the road there was another car in the ditch.

When those white-outs hit you can't see one thing in front of you. I can now understand the accidents
where several cars are involved. As fast as this blew up, there is absolutely nothing you can do
 except PRAY that you make it through.

I am sooooooooo ready for it just around the corner?? I hope so!!


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Treats for Valentines Day

... and now abideth faith, hope and LOVE, but the greatest of these is


I Corinthians 13:13

Are you ready for Valentines Day?

I think I am.

This year I decided to make cupcakes for our neighbors.

I have never done this before {not for this many at once}  and I decided it was time to

spread the love!

There is so much heartache and brokenness in the world today that a little kindness

goes a long way.

 I have been making cupcakes for the last two days and enjoying every minute of it.

I packaged them up and delivered part of them last night and hubby delivered the rest today.

I always try to keep cupcake boxes on hand. The ones I purchase hold four cupcakes so it is a perfect
gift for two people. 

It is also nice to have these cupcake holders for a single person.

I don't have a specific "recipe" that I use. I just wing it.


Make your favorite chocolate cupcake and let them cool.

Then make your favorite butter-cream frosting and add in a couple tablespoons of
Smucker's Simply Fruit in seedless Red Raspberry flavor.

It makes it so yummy and  it also gives the frosting a pretty pink hue.

Next, take a chocolate candy bar and use your carrot peeler to make some
sprinkles or curls...Top with a fresh red raspberry and wa are done
and you have a beautiful and delicious gift!



Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Happy Valentines Day and a WINNER!

I wanted to pop into blog-land and wish you all a


I know it isn't until Saturday, but who knows what I will be doing then so I thought
I would tell you now.

Also, friends...please spread the love!

There are so many people who are hurting from loss of  a spouse, family problems, job loss etc
and a little kindness goes a long way. Often it is the little things we do that help cheer up a
 broken heart. A heart that has been battered about in life's storms and seemingly sometimes
 there is no end. God loves each and every one of you and you are in my thoughts and prayers!


The winner of my Valentine Giveaway is Diane from AUGCOTT blog. I have been in
contact with her and the winning goodies are ready to head out tomorrow. She has recently
 lost her beloved, so if you could drop by and give her a word of encouragement I know she
would really appreciate it. Thank you and God bless!

{Photo: from my vintage postcard stash dated 1909 on the back}

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Valentine Giveaway

I haven't done a GIVEAWAY in forever so I decided it is time for one!

You know...that holiday that is coming up soon?

I think it celebrates LOVE? 
...yep pretty sure.

Being a romantic at heart what better time to spread the love!
What is included in this giveaway you ask?


You will be getting a white cup with a pink cozy with extra strong black tea
and a tea strainer...

{I don't care for extra strong tea and really I only drink herbal tea, but it is
what came in the cup when I purchased it. lol. Pitch it if you want, but it does
 look cute in there for the photo..SMILE}

...along with a bag of Dove dark chocolates...

...and four hand/pocket warmers made by yours truly.

Now, please don't look these over too carefully because they certainly aren't perfect, but I had fun
 making them. They are filled with rice and I am told that if you nuke these for 30 seconds in the
 microwave and then put them in your pockets they will keep your hands warm...


you can always just use them for decor also. They are kinda cute, no?

Now for all the nitty gritty details:

For a chance to win just add a comment on this post.

For an additional chance share this on Facebook or Pinterest and let me know
that you did and you will get extra chances. That is all there is to it.

United States entrants only please. I would love to send overseas and feel bad
that I can't , but it is cost prohibitive, so for now I must keep it to US only.

I will draw a winner on February 10 so I have time to get it in the mail to the
winner before Valentines day.

Good luck to all who enter!