Friday, August 21, 2015

Sometimes life throws curve-balls...please pray!

This is a photo I took of a butterfly bush in  my garden last week.

It is also the verse that I sent my sister Chris who lives in Pennsylvania.

She was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer on August 5.

{our wedding anniversary}

It was quite a shock to us and to her as it came on very fast.

No. Family. History.

This is different than your typical "find a lump" breast cancer.

Google it and you will find out more information than you ever want to know.

Chris is 15 months older than I am and I love her dearly.

She is also a pastor's wife.

Please , please bombard heaven on her behalf against this dreadful disease.

She starts chemo next week.

She has already been so strong through the diagnosis and I know she will
continue to be. She also can still say that


He is her Savior,  her Redeemer and we are trusting in Him to
be her healer.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Treasure TROVE

We visited our son and his family in Indiana this weekend and they showed us his new
work place in Roanoke, Indiana and they also took us to a few shops in this quaint little town.

TROVE was my favorite!

It is located at 270 North Main Street in Roanoke, Indiana.

There is also a TROVE barn and these first few photos are of some of the goodies in the barn.


Aren't these lights made out of clay pots so neat?

Fell in LOVE with this ladder.


This building is the main store. They had so many wonderful treasures inside.

Sorry for the quality of some of the photos.
I am afraid that my camera has seen better days for indoor shots or else
I STILL don't know what I am doing. HA!
I do not like to use a flash so I contend with a myriad of blurry photos to weed through.

I just thought the building and the landscaping was beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed your mini tour. If you are ever in Roanoke, Indiana be sure
to stop will love it!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Lush July Flowers

My flowers haven't suffered too much in the heat that we have had in Michigan this year.
There really haven't been a lot of very hot days yet and I hope they don't come at all!  I also haven't
used any fertilizer at all this year except what came in the soil that I planted them in.
I think they look nice and lush for all the things I didn't do. :)

Every year I try to feed them liquid fertilizer through the hose, but just haven't had
the time and we have had a LOT of rain so I didn't need to either.

They have come a long way since I planted them back in May.
I can grow nice flowers outside , but can't grow anything inside to save my life! HA!

The fern is HUGE and so green. I always get it at the same place every year.
I have tried Walmart in the past and did not have good luck so I stick with
our local greenhouse.

I have an old wooden white screen door that I would love to replace this one with, but
haven't taken the time to measure it yet. Hopefully it will fit. It has spindles on it and
I got it FREE several years ago. Wouldn't that be nice if it fit just perfect??

I adore WHITE flowers...don't you?

I can't wait for my Sweet Autumn Clematis to flower this fall. I love it that it is
a late blooming plant so I can extend the beautiful floral season a bit more.

How is the weather where you are? Hot, rainy, cold, snowy? EEK! Snow
will be here soon enough.


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Shopping in Wilmington, North Carolina

So who goes on vacation and doesn't shop?? NOT ME! ha! I found a few things that I brought
along home with me.

I LOVED the shop that was filled with pillows like the one above. I mean this lady had
hundreds of pillows with beaches, towns and coordinates. She told me that she ships them to
 Michigan, Florida etc. and had just shipped out 200! Wow! That is dedication!

I LOVE this pillow. She didn't have it in black so I ordered one and she sent it to my home.
It is made out of canvas with an envelope back so you can insert a pillow form.
She sent the form along home with me so she wouldn't have to mess with mailing that.
I am thinking of ordering another one that has Wilmington, North Carolina and the
coordinates. Isn't it so cool?? 

I fell in love with this french grain tote and did NOT purchase it when I was there. I tend to
think about things for awhile. Well, you might know as soon as I got home I decided that
I should have purchased it. So I ran down the store online {quite a feat in itself} and asked
if they would ship to me. It was my lucky day.

I purchased this lovely coastal bracelet and have worn it almost every day since being home.
I miss North Carolina. Wilmington is such a BEAUTIFUL place.
We also picked up these shells at the beach.

This is on the of the stores that I did not purchase anything in , but I took a few photos.

Taking a photo break...SMILE!

I told hubby that I want to eat here next time. Too many places to eat and shop.
Oh my, what is a girl to do?? ha~

I mean...doesn't this just draw you in? It is right along the riverfront.

Okay...this store was GORGEOUS...beyond GORGEOUS, but I forgot to take in my camera
so the only shot I got was of the outside. ugh! This is the store that I purchased the french
grain tote from.

This place is called

The next few pictures are from here.

The COASTAL VIBE store is where I purchased my bracelet and I also purchased a
beautiful white scarf. {forgot to take a photo of that to show you}

Just plain yummy-ness!! ha!

IF you click here you will find out all about THE COTTON EXCHANGE.
It still has an old wagon right inside the door that holds a huge bale of cotton.
That was neat to see and the building is beautiful! If you click the link be sure
to then click on  Cotton Exchange History.

It is filled with several shops that are fun to peruse at your leisure.

This is where I left my Canon camera!! Can you believe it? Hubby had already drowned one in the
ocean and I forgot my other $400 camera in here on a bench. ugh!! THANKFULLY a lady who owned one
 of the stores found it quickly and held it for me. I will be honest, I was in TEARS when I got back to my
son's apartment and found out I didn't have it. I thought I would never see it again.
Thank GOD for honest people!!!

Little Ms Ainsley had to have her photo taken here. She is so funny. WHO is she looking at?

I think this is the place where we booked a boat tour. Hope to share that soon also.

This shopping place was called Chandler's Wharf. I had to take some photos because my nephew's
name is Chandler. Too fun!!

We really did have a wonderful time and can't wait to go back!!
If waiting 26 years for a vacation takes me to places like this , it was well worth the wait.

Where are you going on vacation this year? I would love to hear about it!