Wednesday, March 25, 2015


It has been a long time since I have been able to "tinker" {as Elyse calls it}

I like that word.

I had some extra time on my hands today so I hauled out my supplies and got started.
Easter is coming up pretty fast and I wanted to make some white crosses.

 I have always been enamored with pretty papers, and all the little tid bits that most people
just throw away. Not me.  I keep them ALL to make

...and once in awhile inspiration actually hits. ha!

{a little hoarding tendencies maybe? No, not me??}

This craft is so easy that even the kiddos can do it so get your little ones
at the table , gather up your supplies and let's begin!

I used some almost transparent white paper from my stash along with cheesecloth,
rubber stamps and flowers.

{I won these pretty flowers in a giveaway from Elyse several months ago}

I had several stamps to choose from and the one I chose says:

 "he has risen"

I started folding the paper at one end and folded it over several times.

Then I cut off the excess and glued it down.

I also tore off the ends instead of cutting them off to make it more rustic looking.

Next , pick your rubber stamp of choice and stamp it right onto the cross.

I adore cheesecloth and use it for so many things. I took a piece of it and wound it
around the cross. You can wind it any way you choose. No right or wrong ways here.

I glued the cheesecloth down in a few places and then added some flowers.

{Now that I look at the three I finished, I should have used assorted stamps, but oh well}

Wouldn't these be cute to lay on each plate for Easter dinner?

As I said...SIMPLE and EASY PEASY...anyone can make these.

I am almost embarrassed to even put the instructions on here.

You could even add some thin silver string at the top to hang them up if you so desired.

Do you think you will make some? Please let me know if you do!

Are you ready for Easter?? 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Awesome Finds

I have found a few new to me stores lately and I wanted to share them with you.

Do any of you bloggers live near Adrian, Michigan?
You will wish you did after you see these pics. lol.

The pic above and the the first two below are from a store called


and believe me it is awesome! They have a few rooms full and also a basement and
their finds are fabulous.

As usual someone (ahem..we won't say her name)
her camera so you have to make due with phone pics and a lot of them are blurry,
but I still wanted to share them.

This store is located at:
123 West Maumee St.
Adrian, Michigan

Be sure and check it out if you are in the area.
You will love it!

They also have a facebook page here.

They have amazing signs and one of a kind gorgeous pieces along with
many gorgeous architectural pieces!



The rest of these pictures are from

Collette's Vintage and Antique Mall

in Burton, Michigan.

Most of them are horrible pictures , but I hope you can glean the good from them.
Hopefully next time I go I will remember to take my real camera.

I thought they had some very neat booths and ideas, but as I said

horrible pictures that I am so sorry about.

I also went to two AMAZING stores in Holly, Michigan this past weekend but...

 yep...once guessed it

My camera was left in the car and even my phone so I didn't get any pictures of those
places at all. SO bummed.
 Next time I am up that way I hope to have my
head screwed on right and have some gorgeous photos for you.

Do you ever forget your camera?
I have been so good at doing that lately...ugh.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

In search of green

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

I don't really do decor for this holiday so I searched around my home for some


and I found a little.

I have had three of these pretty green moss eggs for several years.

Not really a fan of purple , but I do like these eggs.

This cute little chick is standing in some greenish grass.

I added a few eggs to a greenish nest.

This arrangement shows my greenish WILD side. lol

The green hydrangeas are dried from my bushes last year.

You can send a pretty St. Patrick's Day card including the one above by visiting

Crosscards website. You can click here.

Last but not least I found some green on a card that one of my grands made for me.

Do you have green in your home?

I would love to see it!


I wish each and every one of you many blessings today and every day.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Songbird Cafe and a birthday!

Someone around here is having a birthday.


If we all would admit it, we really don't mind birthdays


we get spoiled!

And my daughter is very good at spoiling.

She had me meet her in Ann Arbor, Michigan today

and we drove to the

Songbird Cafe

for lunch.

{bday isn't until tomorrow, but we don't care}

Please excuse the pics as most were taken with my phone
and it is not a smart phone, but you get the idea.

LOVE this place!! First time and hopefully not the last.

We also went to Trader Joes and she bought me two bouquets of these
beautiful pink stock flowers. They smell amazing!

Here is yours truly with my lunch! It was soooooooo yummy!!

I brought half the sandwich home along with half the piece of cake, but I already
ate it for my evening meal so every single bite is


A beautiful day of celebration with my darling daughter!!


The weather is finally warming up here in Michigan and I can't stand the thought
of it getting colder again so I HOPE it just keeps getting warmer.

What are the odds of that happening??...shush! I don't want to hear it. lol


Monday, March 2, 2015

The Phone Call

Thursday evening
a little before 8 pm
I got
the call.

The one that no one
wants to get.

Someone you love
has a medical emergency.

It was Mr. Wayside Treasure's boss
on the phone.

Hubby had passed out.
On the cement floor 
beside his machine.

Upright one minute
Flat on the floor 
the next.

Co-workers ran
to his aid.
Waited with him
until he came to. 

Calling his name.
Over and over. 

 EMS came.
Then off to the

You know
that place 
where they poke 
you with needles,
ask you tons of questions
and try to figure out 
what's wrong.

They poked
and poked
some more.

No veins to be found.
They kept poking
over and over
over and over
over and over

{not exaggerating}

One nurse
Two nurses
Three nurses

Fourth one
brought down

She got blood.

Severely dehydrated.
Potassium very low.
{from losing so much fluid from
being sick}

We want to admit him.
double ugh!

Pumped him with
and potassium.

Forgot to tell him that
is very painful
as it drips in.

Extremely painful!

"Feels like someone
scooping out my arm
with an ice cream 
scoop painful!"

I went after and
found a nurse.
She slowed it 
so it was tolerable.

My eyes were barely 
staying open.
I headed home 
for some rest.

Rest did not come.
Don't know why I tried.

A few hours later.
Back to hospital.
 Up to his room.

More poking
and prodding.

Veins did not cooperate.

So many nurses.

We laughed our
way through.
most of the time.

What else
can you

I told them,
"he would not make
a good 
blood donor".

They agreed. 

No blood
the usual way.
Not working.

Put in a Pic line.
That will work!

Did not work.
They said they
 have never known
it not to work.

Teeniest amount of 
in the tube
after four more 

It clotted

Couldn't use it.

Over and over...
quite an ordeal.
Then, it clotted in 
the syringe.

huh? what?

We have never
seen this before.

Again, teeniest amount
of blood drawn.

I am literally
 running this 
down to
the lab
before it clots!

for a bit.

Minutes later
Two more nurses..

"we are going
to draw
your blood."

You are kidding!
Won't work.

It worked!
No problem!

"Where were you
hours ago?"

I brought him 
about 5 pm

He is so
thankful to be

Sore tailbone
bit his lip
from his
close-up encounter
with the


Thank you God!

{he is back to work today
after a restful weekend}