Saturday, November 14, 2015

Busy as a Bee!

 I had this post up once and lost it while editing. OOPS. Sorry.

I have been busy , busy, busy  making pallet trees and I am enjoying making them.

My friend Marian over at Vintage Barn Market has been selling them in her store
for me and they are selling fast. She is a sweetheart!  If you have never visited her
 you MUST. Just click here to visit her facebook page. She has amazing talent
 and she is a dear friend!

{She took the first and last photos in this post of my signs in her booth}

The hubs and I also tried our hand at making a star and pretty much love how it turned out.
We have some tweaking to do, but overall it is a winner.

What have you been busy making? I would love to hear about it.


Friday, October 30, 2015

Fall Family Fun

It is a RARE day when we get the whole family together as we did this past weekend.
We had a fun , fun time taking family photos, going to a corn maze, taking a hay ride
and just hanging out. I wanted to share a few of the pics that we captured.

Above are all our grands except that one that is due in May. lol. If Ainsley looks unhappy
it isn't because she didn't have a sucker. She had one and didn't want it. Thought I better
clear that up right away. ha!

Two of the grands singing Karaoke at the corn maze.
Don't they look the part??!!

The little girls singing LET IT GO from Frozen. The DJ took a video of them singing and put it
on his facebook page. Little stars in the making. :)

The corn maze was fun, but really all it is is exercise disguised as fun! I found that out
a few years ago, but it was still a blast.

I was really beginning to get bummed because according to the weather forecast it was
supposed to rain, rain, rain and rain some more, but it held off for us until after the photos
and after the corn maze fun. We started the bonfire when it was dark and it started
pouring so thankfully we got most of the plans in. 

My oldest son Jason and his beautiful family. The plan was to have the bean stubble
still in the fields for the pics, but as fate would have it the renters plowed the field
 a few days before!!
They haven't plowed it for years and years ...until this year. I need to hang a sign
next year...:)

The kids took several photos of the mister and I. I am so annoyed. He had a gray shirt to wear, but
in all the hustle and bustle I forgot all about it so it is what it is. Hopefully next time I will
be a little more organized.

Sweet little Korrah

All our grands with us. Ages are from 1 year old to 16 years old. YIKES!
How did we get here in life? The years just fly by now.

The boys...Joshua...the little guy in the middle is always making faces. You would
not believe how many poses I got of him. 

I think this was my DIL idea. It turned out pretty neat although I think hubby and I should
have switched places. 

Smooch, smooch...another baby on the way in this family.

Remember earlier how I said it is a rare occasion to get our whole family together?
Well, our SIL Matt is missing from this family. He was in Japan again for his work.
Maybe someday we can get him in the photo.

Goofy, silly, fun!

So this is our family and we love each and every one of them. Thankful for Gods blessings
each and every day!!

Monday, October 12, 2015

FALL and Festivals

HAPPY FALL everyone!!

It is a beautiful time of year here in Michigan! The trees are starting to turn into their
beautiful orange, rusts and gold and at their peak they are stunning.

I was tinkering around a week or so ago with my photos and I made this sign above.
I love teal and orange together and I think they are perfect for fall colors.

A few weekends ago we visited our son and his family in Indiana and
while we were there we went to a Pioneer Heritage festival. We had a great time
and I took a few photos along the way.

This lady playing this instrument made beautiful music!

The lady who had this booth was so sweet and I loved this area. I thought all her plants
were displayed so nicely.

Burlap bags for $2 each. Didn't have a clue what I would do with them so I didn't buy any.

You could take a wagon ride if you so desired. We didn't, but we sure did a lot of walking.
This place was quite large with tons of things to see.

Our two little grandchildren had a hard time deciding what they wanted to buy.
Their parents had them look at everything there before they decided. Smart parents!
I think Keira ended up coming back here and getting a shell. She also got a wooden box.
Kanaan ended up with a sword. Fun times with family!

These corn fritters were really GOOD! We were going to get another one before
we left , but we forgot. Sad day. ha!

Pumpkins in all shapes and sizes. All in all it was a very fun day!

In other news, my camera died...I am so bummed. I am on the hunt for a different one, but
I sure loved the one I had. Might get one just like it on ebay...wish me luck!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Peacock Park Warehouse Sale!

I took these photos quick and not in good lighting because people have been asking me
what I purchased at the


that I went to on Tuesday.

Don't you just love the tote above?

I also found this amazing french style curtain.

this chippy white chair...

these pink crates that will be painted either white or gray...

TWINE and MUSLIN RIBBON...I just kept grabbing it because it was such a
great price.

These JOYEUX NOEL nesting crates that also need some work.

I didn't notice until later that there is an "O" where the "U" should be.
No problem... I can fix them! lol

Lots of glittery leaf and star cheap!!

I think I showed you most of what I purchased.

They move so much stuff out of there you would not believe it.
People standing by HUGE piles guarding them with their life and some people even
bring u-hauls and large trailers. (Especially store owners for stocking their shelves)

It is SO fun!!

Then today we went to a local college rummage sale and we scored these lights for my
potting shed and a Porter Cable tool for hubby. He was thrilled!! $5 each for these.

I won't tell you the Peacock Park prices because I don't want a bunch of screaming, crying
women on my hands. haha!! Seriously, I am so glad I live within driving distance of this
place. {2 and 1/2 hours or so}

It was definitely a fun day. I met up with my daughter {after she took my 16 year old
 granddaughter to the ER because just as my daughter was supposed to be leaving to meet me,
 Allysha dislocated her knee!! OUCH!! } She has a knee brace on and crutches, but is doing
good now so all is well.

HAPPY AUTUMN EVERYONE!!! What good deals have you gotten lately?
I would love to hear about it!!