Friday, November 4, 2011

Just for you...

"I'm thinking of you this morning, wherever you are, and of the difference you're making.

You might think it's small.

You might think no one really sees.

You might think you should do something bigger, better, more spiritual.

But lean in and listen close...

The best gift you can offer this world is you.

And that's what you're doing--

just putting messy, glorious, imperfect, made-new you out there.

In your home, your family, your office, your community, your world.

We'd miss you if you weren't there. It just wouldn't be the same. And no one could take your place.

So keep it up, my friend. Keep giving and loving and living right where you are.

It matters more than you know, more than you see.

{And you do too.}



{I subscribe to Holley's blog and received the above post in my email this past week. Just had to pass it along. If you would like to subscribe to Holley's blog click here}

The first two photos are of a candleholder that my bff gave me and I am getting them posted rather late in the season. She doesn't like "stuff"...{at least not most "stuff"} so she passed this along to me. I printed out a vellum cover for the candle and added a vintage gauze ribbon. It is right at home in my decor.
The 2nd candle is one that I remade the outside of. I am not into cowboy stuff (original candle shown in last photo) , but loved the smell of the candle {from Goodwill} so purchased it, brought it home and prettied it up. :)
Happy Friday everyone!!


Pleuntje said...

I like the candles. And what a beautyful words that Holy send to you. Have a nice weekend. Love Petra

Ozma of Odds said...

...hhhmmmmm ~
perhaps this originally was not for me
i feel as though this was for me and just what i need to hear today!
thank you Sandi!
and say it isn't so, a girl who doesn't like "stuffs"??!
tell me you don't send the pretties from peacock park her way LOL!!
xo, Rosemary

High Street Cottage said...

Very pretty Sandi, and I love the top one.

Poetry and Wild Roses said...

So happy to have discovered your blog. It is just beautiful! Thank you for sharing these encouraging words.


What a sweet message!

It really was very encouraging...we all need to hear a gentle reminder to be ourselves and just let it all happen!

stop by and enter my giveaway.
have a great weekend.

ciao bella.

creative carmelina

Irene said...

What lovely words, I think I'll go visit Holly.

Petite Michelle Louise said...

oh ow lovely..merci sandi!

Heaven's Walk said...

Sweetly given - and sweetly taken. ♥

xoxo laurie

A Cottage Muse said...

Thank you beautiful!

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

I love "stuff" and especially your "stuff"! Holly had a very sweet post, thank you for sharing.

I awarded you the Versatile Blogger award, stop by if you'd like to accept!


andrea said...

Very elegant and sweet. andrea@townandprairie

andrea said...

Very elegant and sweet. andrea@townandprairie

Lady Pamela said...

Sandi, dear faraway friend, I do not wish to burden you with details, but those words were sent through you from God. You have no idea what they mean to me. I pray someday we will meet in person, I wish to give you a *real* hug for all the beauty you bring into my life.