Monday, August 27, 2012

Come sail with me...

It was Navy Week in Toledo, Ohio this past week and on Saturday our son and family along with hubby
and I went out for a day of adventure. I was just in awe all day long and we had a wonderful time!

We were able to board this first ship with the number *45* called the USS De Wert and roam around
at our leisure. Talk about a massive ship. Oh my!

I had to capture the gorgeous flags flying in the breeze.

Have you ever seen such huge rope? 

I took photos from all different fact I took 270 photos so I really had to
edit them down!

Our little granddaughter Annika in the navy?? lol
Me thinks she is a bit too young! :)

The sailors were taking questions and Annika wanted to ask them one. So they squatted down
to talk to her. Of course THEN she wouldn't talk. lol  I told them she wondered where all they
have been. I don't remember everywhere, but I do remember them telling about being in Africa!

Two sweet little granddaughters {Annika and Ainsley} waiting patiently in line. We had to
wait in line for 1 and 1/2 hours to board this the hot sun {90 degrees}. Then we
had to walk through a scanner and put our items in totes just like at an airport. Well, not
 exactly like an airport because there was no FULL BODY scan thank God!! ha! The girls
 did so good and I was very proud of them!!

This is the Flagship Niagara that was coming in just as we got off of the USS De Wert. We were so thrilled
 that it was timed just right. We didn't see this ship with it's sails all open, but still quite an amazing site.

They had to open the drawbridge to let the Niagara pass through.

...and thar she goes! :) When she got on the other side of the bridge, she fired off a canon and
the smoke was rolling.  You can read more about this famous ship if you click here.

{when we were ready to leave and were walking towards our vehicle {which was on the other side of the
 bridge}guess what happened?? The drawbridge got stuck in the upright position and we {along with a
 lot of other people} had to wait for a half hour or so for them to get the bridge back down.  We were
 standing not too far from where the bridge actually separates.  Some people sitting in traffic were
getting irate, but we didn't care. We were just hanging out on the bridge! lol

This tells how much food that the USS DeWert uses per year! WOW! That is a lot!

Love the red, white and blue...I love America!!

WARNING FOR NEXT PHOTO: you may want to avert your eyes and get all little
children away from your computer !!!

HA HA!! Just as we were getting ready to get off the ship, hubby grabbed my camera and asked
 this sailor to take a photo with me. He was very kind and a total gentleman and is probably used to
 having his photo taken a lot, but not me!  I look so haggared!
This was after hours in the sun and wind and looking straight into the SUN! ha! I was going to let
my hair grow a little longer , but after seeing this photo I think I need to get it chopped again!!

Happy Monday everyone!!


Donna said...

What a grand adventure! I bet the children loved it! And how sweet of those sailors to answer questions and pose with you. God bless our service men and women!!!

Lady Pamela said...

I found this all so interesting. I was even able to read the information from the sign about the galley. I am so thankful for good eyeglasses. lol

Amanda Kaake said...

How neat! I so wish we could have gone.

Susie said...

Sandi, That sure looked like a fun day. The little cutie pie sailor, ahhh.:):) too sweet. I love our young people who protect our conutry. Smiles, Susie