Monday, March 25, 2013

Shabby Chic items for sale and breakdown!

I have decided it is time to let some of my shabby chic items go to a new home as I have
way too many pretties for one household.

This is a gorgeous blue rose tablecloth that measures approx. 58 inches x 96 inches
{including ruffle} I don't have the original packaging, but it is new. I think I put it
over a table once just to take some photos, but it has not been used for an actual
sit down dinner , so as such, it is in new condition. I think this pattern is called
British Rose, but I am not sure.

selling it for $29.99 plus shipping...let me know if you are interested.
first come ...first served

beautiful blue roses and ruffles along with eyelet lace trim

These matches are the genuine Shabby Chic brand by Rachel Ashwell

{Not the Target brand}

Do you  need a fun gift for the shabby chic lover in your life?
 Here is your chance.
Brand new package that still has the cellophane around it.

 Perfect for the person who loves pink and can't get enough
of the Shabby Chic look.

$14.99 plus shipping

GENUINE Shabby chic item...{not from Target}...

This is the back of the match box

Two pretty Simply Shabby Chic {Target brand} pink rose napkins with ruffles.
They measure approx. 20 inches square.

Selling them for $ 10.99 plus shipping.

Shipping should be minimal as they can go in a bubble envelope.


This past week I went to my sisters house in PA for a visit. Hubby doesn't like me traveling
 alone so he met my sister and brother-in-law halfway and then he went back home.

We had the BEST time ever!

That is what sisters do right?? YES! SO much fun, shopping, eating and all that goes along
with it, but we wore ourselves out. :) I went out on Tuesday evening and hubby then drove
out on Saturday to pick me up and we headed back home yesterday afternoon.

Hubs and I were chatting and getting comfortable for the four hour plus trip. He told me
that the car just purred along on the way out to get me and I swear it was no sooner than
2 minutes later , the car started revving up and would not drive...right in the middle of a
busy highway!! Thankfully we got it over to the shoulder and it would do NOTHING!
 None of the gears worked {I think that is how you explain it} ...called my sister
 and her hubby and they came back and got us and took us to their house while
 a wrecker pulled our car back and parked it in their driveway.  Brother-in-law is a pastor so
he got someone else to preach for him that evening and him and my sister took us half
way home and met our son to get us the rest of the way home.  LONG story short.
It has been towed to a mechanic in PA and we will get an estimate tomorrow. We are
 pretty sure it is the transmission so this will not be fun!

I am thinking if I could get maybe two thousand people or so to each send me
one dollar it just might cover the repairs. hee hee A girl can dream right?? :)

 Life throws us curve balls when we least expect it  doesn't it?  Sandi doesn't like curve balls.
Sandi wants her life to just sail along and not have any of her sails ruffled at all, but I guess
God sometimes has different plans. Praying this will all work out...would you say a prayer
 for us too please? 


Shabby chic Sandy said...

Those are great items you have for sale! That British rose is hard to find :)

monah said...

I am enjoying your blog; and see the items for sale. I am looking for curtains either floral or shabby chic type in the pink range. What other linens do you have for sale? Thank you....monah

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

This Sandi doesn't like curve balls either, and has had a few lately!
You've inspired me to add a few more white treasures to my sale pile, I don't need to keep everything!

Julie Marie said...

Hi Sandi... love that tablecloth!... wish it was in pink and I would snatch it up!... sorry about your car troubles, but I can you a dollar if you want to help your cause... tee hee hee! I am happy though that you and your sister had a nice time though... sisters are the best!... wishing you and your family a beautiful and blessed Easter, much love, xoxo Julie Marie