Monday, June 17, 2013 relationship

A big hello from Michigan to all my blogland friends!! I just want you to know that I am back up and running on a new computer!  It will take me awhile to get things all in place , but I am figuring it out as I go. I asked hubby to install my two favorite photo programs so I can at least do my photos and he was kind enough to do so. Between a new computer and my newly installed high speed, I think I have died and gone to heaven....seriously!! lol

I love peonies and I know that many of you do also, but my peony plants are not doing so well as of late, so I am in a love/hate relationship with them. I am lucky to have two or three blooms on a bush!! I don't know if it takes a few years for them to produce many flowers or what, but I am getting very impatient.  I am praying they do produce many more flowers in the years to come. Three peony bushes were planted on the property when we moved here over 32 years ago and they are still here , but they are way down at the other end of our land and sadly have been pretty neglected. {weeds grow up around etc.} I asked hubby last year and this year if he could at least just mow around them so I could have their blossoms in my home. He has obliged so I am hoping that they will start producing like they used to. I would move them, but I am scared that I would kill them. What do you think? Have any of you had experience moving peonies? I think they are pretty touchy, but maybe not ??   Any help would be appreciated. :)

I need to get busy now and get something else accomplished today. My kitchen is still in limbo. The wallpaper is not all hung and that means there is stuff all out of place and a ladder sitting right in the middle of the room, but I am hoping to get it done this week...or mostly done...or maybe dream of getting it done?? *smile*

Oh the joys of redecorating...:)

until next time ~


Julie Marie said...

Yay Sandi!... I was so excited to see that you visited again... I am loving your new high speed internet too, 'cause now we can chat more!... if you decide to transplant your Peonies, you need to do it in the Fall... older plants really do not like to be disturbed, and may not bloom for two or three years after being moved... if you DO decide to transplant them, do it in the Fall, dividing them, stripping them of any foliage and be sure to put in some compost or manure or something... I think I would almost just buy new ones for where you want them and leave the older ones put... beautiful photo!... xoxo Julie Marie

Irene said...

I have to agree with Julie Marie, I've not been very successful at moving an older plant,I too would just go out an buy what you'd like. Lovely photo,good luck with your kitchen.

Marydon said...

Mine moved beautifully & flowered in 2 yrs. Soooo love them. Glad you are on high speed finally, sweetie. Yes, we were close to you ... my nephew is a biggy at Marriott so we'll be visiting him .. catch you on one of the trips. We actually looked to see how we could have seen you a wee bit this time. Have you joined bloglovin' yet ... easy peasy!

Big hugs,

Shabbyfufu said...

Well you know that I LOVE peonies....but have to buy them down here! Such pretty photos...

Kathy said...

I love peonies too except for the ants! My grandmother had a peony bush when I was little and the flowers were always full of ants. We could never bring them into the house.

Daisy Pink Cupcake said...

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Beverly said...

Sandi, this is great news. Even though sometimes painful, new technology is always fun.

Your photos are stunning. I adore peonies, too. I came by to tell you that we have missed you at Pink Saturday. I hope you will join us again sometime soon.

My e-mail to you have come back as account closed, but I am using the e-mail displayed on your blog. Any ideas?

June said...

Hi Sandi:) I move them all over the place but it does take them a couple of good years to start flowering again usually. Last year I moved about four established plants because they were in the shade and they are doing so much better than I expected them to do. Be sure not to dig the hole too deep and then only cover the fleshy parts barely to barely. If you think your others may be too deep you can lift them where they are.
Peonies don't care to be fertilized so if you fertilize your beds just make sure to skip the peonies. Peonies can be moved any time after flowering. I moved mine last year in August and I am a little surprised that I got flowers from all but one plant.
Welcome my friend to the world of high-speed!!!!

I love your banner sooooo much!
sending hugs...

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

Hi Sandi! So happy to hear you are whizzing through the internet now. You'll be able to manage your blog time much better, what a blessing.
I had the same problem with my peonies this year. Only 2 out of my 3 bushes blossomed and each had only 2-3 buds.
Laurie from Heaven's Walk told me that peonies shouldn't be planted too deeply. Maybe that was my problem. I think I added too much dirt in the spring when I also added plant food.
I see that June gives some great advice and she's SO smart about gardening!
Well, good luck to us both next year with our peonies! :)