Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Just look what I found!! A pretty little mermaid  getting ready to go trick-or-treating.

...along with her sweet little sister. Aren't they both so precious and don't they make
beautiful little mermaids? :)

My son also donned a costume!

Hubby and I went to our son and daughter-in-laws place and trick-or-treated with them and the girls
 last Saturday evening. We had a lot of fun, although just as we were starting it began raining so we
 had to break out the umbrellas.

The above photo is an apartment building that we walked past.

Two little mermaids getting ready to head out for treats.

 {yes I got the photos in the wrong order...sorry}

Grandpa and Grandma all ready for a fun evening with the pretty little mermaids. ♥

This was my costume! HA HA! We did look for ears on the spur of the moment, but didn't find any.
 Annika wanted me to say "meow" at every place we went so I tried to oblige her. HA! They are only
young once and we are making memories. I found out when I became a grandparent that I will do
things for my grands that I have never done before! :) Fun, fun times that will pass all too soon
 and they will be 16 before we know it. I am treasuring these days and holding them close to my


Bente said...

Sooo very cute murmaids and a mouse.

Happy Halloween

Donna said...

They do grow up fast, so enjoy these special times with them! So cute...

Susie said...

Sandi, Those little mermaids are adorable and grandma looks so cute too. :):) Hope it was fun even though it rained. They are predicting rain for our area tonight thru tomorrow. Poor kids. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Junkchiccottage said...

Your girls are so cute. Enjoy these fun moments. Such great memories. Adorable.

Julie Marie said...

Your little mermaids are just precious Sandi!... Happy Halloween to you!... xoxo Julie Marie

June said...

You make one cute cat Sandi!!! And those little mermaids are the cutest I've ever seen :)))))) You are the best to go trick or treating as a family. I haven't been TorT since my children were little. I may have to see what I can do about that!
hugs from here...

Marti said...

How cute all of you are! If I am ever blessed with grandchildren, I'm sure I will do things for them I wouldn't do for anyone else.