Monday, July 28, 2014

Photo collage and a review

When Lauren from Cardstore contacted me and wanted to know if I would like to do a review
of one of their cards it was not hard to say yes!

I quickly clicked over to their website and found so many fun cards to choose from. From birthday
to anniversary to just because and more.

My subject was also a no-brainer! I would make a card for our two little granddaughters who just moved
over 1200 miles away. These are the two that we saw often since they lived close to us and it just isn't
the same without them here. It is quite an adjustment and it is taking time. I find myself throughout the
days just reminiscing about the fun times we have had over the past few years. Thank God for skype
and telephones, but is isn't the same as holding them close!

As you can see from the photo, I choose a photo collage card with a chalkboard background and I love
how it turned out. I hope that every time they look at the card they remember the memories we made
and the fun times we have had. I realized later I should have added a photo of me and hubby
also, but I thought about that a little too late. :(

I chose to put my own saying on the inside of the card. Rather cute huh? Well,
truthfully I googled and found part of it. 

I thought it was very easy to navigate through the process of making this card online.  There are several
different styles and themes that you can choose from and it was fun deciding what one to pick.

I really enjoyed the process, but this being my first time I had to edit and edit and edit some more. ha!
When I was satisfied with the card and all my edits, I could have chose to have it shipped directly to my
grand-girls or to myself.  I had it sent to me so I could personalize it and then I sent it on it's way.

{Side note: It was really hard not to keep it for myself and hang it on my refrigerator!! *Smile*}

It arrived in a couple of days in a nice sturdy cardboard envelope along with FOUR envelopes!
I expected a couple envelopes in case I made a mistake while addressing it, but not four. I would
 say that was very generous. I was also glad that the cardboard envelope was as sturdy as it was
 because sometimes my post office bends things right in the middle that should not be bent
 before delivering them to me. Even magazines!
WHO does that?? 

Here are my sweeties with their card!  According to their daddy they were very happy as I
 am sure any grandchild would be to receive a fun card like this. They asked their daddy about
 each photo and I so enjoyed making it for them. I would highly recommend this site and I
can't wait to make another card.

Click on over to and see for will have fun like I did!

Note: I was compensated the price of the card for providing this review. The views expressed
are my own views only and I would highly recommend this store.


Donna said...

How wonderful! I bet those little gals were thrilled. I'll go check out that site!

June said...

I love this card Sandi. Oh, I can just imagine how thrilled the girls were to get it!!!
hugs from me...

Heaven's Walk said...

What a wonderful idea for the girls! And you did such a sweet job of creating that card, Sandi. Loved it - and the look on the girls' faces, too. :)

xoxo laurie

Unknown said...

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Irene said...

How wonderful.

Junkchiccottage said...

How sweet Sandi. This is really adorable.