Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The sun, the sand and the ocean!

We took a LONG awaited, MUCH anticipated vacation this past week and
 loved every minute of it!

We left on Saturday and drove straight to Wilmington,North Carolina to my son
 and his families apartment and we had a blast!  We left home about 6:30 am
and arrived about 9 pm. It was a long drive, but so worth it! We haven't taken a
 vacation in...are you ready for this? Over 26 years! Last one we took was to
Niagara Falls in 1989! How sad is that??!! 

Monday we took off for Wrightsville Beach to get in a family photo shoot.

I had looked at pictures on Pinterest to get some ideas, but I don't think I
remembered one thing once we arrived. ha!

My son Nathan, his wife Colette, Annika and Ainsley.
Oh, how we have missed them all!!

I took over 1400 photos in the week we were there. Oh my goodness!! I know you
don't want to see every photo of my family so I will try to pare them down. lol

It seems like this was my standard look in almost every photo! HAHA!
We didn't intend to get our clothes wet...just wanted some pics, but that
did NOT work. After awhile, we just didn't care anymore.

See...that stupid look again!! HA! I sure love these gals!!
This was a maxi skirt and I rolled it up several times so as not to get it too wet.
As it was , when we got back to the apartment part of my white shirt was
blue from the skirt. :)


Several times we wrote things in the sand, but the water washed them
away almost as soon as we finished.

Love this pic of our sweetie Annika.

...and this one. lol.

Isn't this a hoot?? Yours truly and hubby.

I think Ainsley is digging to China...wonder what she is looking for.

Grandpa wanted to take Ainsley in the ocean and hold her as the waves hit.

Now, look at this photo very carefully. See that camera case strapped to his belt
on the other side?

Do you see it now? Nope...he forgot about it and drowned my Canon SX160 in the ocean.
Totally ruined it.
By the time we got back to the apartment it was already starting to corrode the parts inside
from the salt water. Not a good thing to do. So sad...

Love this shot of my son and granddaughter.

We had such a wonderful time and this get away was just what we needed. Thankfully, I also
took my older more expensive camera along also so I could continue to take photos. I have
lots of them so stay tuned.



Irene said...

You sure got some lovely shots, those girls are amazing.

RaeAbigael said...

fun adventure! i really love the beach. i'm glad you guys had fun :))

xoxo, rae

rush said...

Welcome to my world. I live just over the (green) bridge in Leland. We drive about 10 hours "home" to Columbus, Ohio where my grandkids live. (I didn't see where you were driving from.) We won't be going this year, and I will miss them. They did come last summer and spent time on Wrightsville Beach, too. They had a ball. Maybe they'll come back down next year.

Seawashed said...

It looks like such a wonderful time. What a beautiful family you have. All the girls names are so lovely. I like how you are all wearing skirts. I always wear skirts to the sea. It is easy to pull up when the waves wash over my feet. Though how fun that you ended up soaked by the seawater. The happiness of Summer.