Monday, January 25, 2016


...signs are what I have been working on this past week or two because we all KNOW what the next holiday is right?
Yep...Valentines Day. Don't forget your sweetheart!! :)

 I am making them out of pallet wood. One of my very favorite woods right now to work with. You too? I know
 a lot of people are using it and the sky is the limit. I have seen it on walls and floors. I have seen signs, tables,
 candle holders and all kinds of things made from it.

 If you are lucky you can find pallets for free, but they aren't very expensive if you have to purchase them.
 My hubby was coming home from work one day and saw a couple pallets in the ditch that must have fallen
off a truck at some point so he stopped to get them for me. Sad day because he had to leave them there.
They wouldn't fit in his vehicle. I miss our truck!! :(

Signs, signs, everywhere

 I have sold a few on Facebook and I have taken several up to a friends store where I sold my pallet trees this
 past Christmas season. If you are interested in one just give me a shout out! The wood they are painted
on is approx. 28 inches long.

I thought I would show you a peek in a corner of my dining room right now. The lighting is
 horrible this time of year so I didn't get many good pictures. See that lamp shade?
$5...a steal! I love it.

I also wanted to show you what my youngest son made me for part of my Christmas gift.
See the lanterns off to the left. I LOVE them!  Our family doesn't spend a lot of money for Christmas
 gifts and we LOVE home made gifts so we try to do something along that line.

He loves to work with his hands and said he would love to do this kind of work all the time.
I think he has a bit of his mama in him. SMILE

I hope this post finds you well and healthy. Praying that you will have a wonderful New Year.


Jeanie said...

The signs and your dining room are both lovely! And lucky you, having a son who is both thoughtful and talented.

I need to get on my Valentine train here quickly. Hosting a make-and-take Valentine drop-in workshop next week and it would be nice to be a tad more festive!

June said...

Your son is awesome Sandi! Those lantern are beautiful!!!! I love that you guys don't spend a lot on gifts at Christmas. Us either. I love that everyone here gets more excited over the meal and goodies and keep their eyes on the reason we celebrate.
I also love your 'love' signs. They are perfect! I did see that shade in your photo and wondered if you made it. It is beautiful (as is everything in your house)! My daughter does a lot with pallets too and she made herself a headboard that was so cool and I think she even ended up selling it.
I hope you have a wonderful week my dear.
sending hugs...

Susie said...

Sandi, Your son is talented. I love those candle holders.(jars) Wouldn't it be nice if you could start a shop with the whole family making things to sell. I hope you all are doing well. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

I love your signs...just today I was in a shop and saw the very same!! And your mason candle lights are adorable!