Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Our Angel Granddaughter Eden Rain

The past 18 days have been hard...so very hard.

We have questioned WHY over and over and over...

This mommy adores her children...every. single.one.

Eden is so perfect...couldn't be more perfect.

Daddy {our son} loves his girls very much.

Eden is no exception.

He loves her dearly.

Grandma and Grandpa saying goodbye...hardest goodbye E.V.E.R.

They named her Eden Rain...such a beautiful name.

It is hard to tell children that their little sister didn't make it.

Mommy's parents...they have suffered great loss in their lives
 as they each also lost a daughter in the past. This is another great loss that
is hard to fathom. Why do some families have to endure so much I will
never understand. If you think about it please say a prayer for them. 

If you look close you will see a little teardrop on sister Annika's eyelash.
The girls were so excited to welcome Eden into their family.

8 lbs. 2.9 ounces...beautiful baby girl

How do we go on from here? I don't know. I don't have any answers. We are looking for answers as to what
went wrong and we pray that we find some...somehow... someway.

An organization called

Sufficient Grace Ministries 

was called into the hospital when we lost our precious Eden.

They took all these beautiful photos that we will always cherish.

They gave mommy a "comfort bear" to hold when her arms
ache to hold her precious baby.

Matching bracelets for mommy and baby.

They gave the girls each a little bear.

 They also gave books, blankets and a beautiful white dress.

 They made an impression of her little hand in clay.

They also did hand and footprints.

Everything they did and gave was FREE.
If you check out their site you must read their book called:

Sufficient Grace. 

I couldn't put it down.

 God is doing a mighty work through this ministry.

God was present in that hospital room through Sufficient Grace Ministries


He continues to hold us during this difficult time.

We covet your continued prayers.

I miss you Eden Rain...so very much...angel kisses
straight to heaven for you...


Sue Kosec said...

Sandi, there are no words yet you put them down right here and have done such a wonderful job writing something so difficult.

My heart (still) aches for all of you. The reason "why" is something we will never know.

To suffer a loss like yours is to know a loss unlike any other ... it means letting go of a beautiful part of your life.

Hold your precious memories close to your heart. Until you get to a quieter place, I will keep you in my thoughts.


20 North Ora said...

Oh Sandi - My heart aches with you. We lost a precious great grandson at the age of four due to cancer. At least, we had a reason for his passing. I can't imagine how hard it is. Praying for your sweet family.


Seawashed said...

Eden Rain is so beautiful. All I see is love. There are no words except LOVE.

I have been praying for you and one night I dreamt of Eden Rain. The only memory I have of the dream was that her presence was pure beauty and fragrant like a rose.

Give yourselves the grace to mourn. Mourning has no time frame. All who mourn will be comforted.
My sympathy to all of you,

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Thank you for sharing all of these beautiful pictures and the information about this ministry. I am going to pass this on to my hubby as being staff pastor, he encounters situations like this all too often. We attended one recently in the hospital of a couple's first child born at just 22 weeks. There truly are no words but prayers for grace to endure.

Sarita Boyette said...

I can hardly get over the true beauty of this precious baby girl! I'm so thankful that you have photos to remember her by. I had few photos of our Meredith & they weren't the quality of those today. Thank the Lord for SGM - so glad they were there to help soothe your grieving hearts. Continuing to pray for you as you travel this hard journey of grief. God bless you!

Leah said...

What absolutely beautiful photos! We lost our baby girl 9 months ago. It will continue to be hard, I'm still struggling every day, but the Lord provides relief.

Jeanie said...

Oh Sandi, there are so few words one can say that help with healing, apart from knowing you are surrounded by love. No answers. But love.

This organization sounds amazing. I had been so admiring the photos and thought how wise you were to take these photos, for Erin Rain will always be a member of the family and there is the visual proof. That and the bears and all -- something to hold onto when the heart is breaking.

She is so very, very beautiful. Maybe too perfect for this world.


I am so, so very sorry and will pray for all...What a wonder organization. I've never seen any photos like those. Very precious.
God bless and comfort you all...
with deepest sympathy,

Tonita said...

I am so very sorry and while I don't know you, I do know our God and will keep your family in my prayers. What a beautiful baby girl.