Saturday, October 11, 2008

Monster Cookies

Today was sure a beautiful fall day in Michigan! I volunteered to cook at our church yesterday for a bake sale/bazaar/supper that was held today and then as I was cooking yesterday I volunteered to work it today so needless to say I am very tuckered out! ( I also have fibromyalgia so that adds to the tiredness most days, but today was a good day) For several years I have made the sloppy joes and the chili for this bake sale/supper. I make a sloppy joe recipe that takes 15 lbs of ground beef and then I use 25 lbs of ground beef for the chili so that will give you an idea of how much is made. Then we decided around noon today that we needed more sloppy joes so I made another batch with an additional 15 lbs of ground beef. A long day , but very productive day. I had to share a picture of the cookies I purchased today and I buy them every year . They are the BEST EVER Monster Cookies! So yummy! A lady who is 90 years old makes these every year for our sale and she also makes quilts etc. I just hope I can do as much as she does at that age. :) Have a wonderful evening! Blessings!

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