Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Space to Create Treasures

I don't have any time today to create so I thought I would share a few pix of "my creative space". This room makes me smile whenever I walk in it, but truth be known I usually move things out of here to the kitchen or dining room table or both to create and then I have stuff laying all over the house. Last night my hubby said with a smile, "it is sad that we have two tables and we are standing at the kitchen counter to eat". LOL So I promptly cleared off a space at the kitchen table. Enjoy!


Alice W. said...

I love your space Sandi!!! I hear ya about moving stuff elsewhere to work husband and I eat on the coach most nights :(...I should work on

I am in love with the chair picture hanging on your wall near the Vintage sign...wherever did you find that?

SherryRoseBella said...

Hi hubby & I have the same problem so we eat out alot!!!lol!! Love your blog!! Please visit mine! Sherry