Monday, July 12, 2010

Zoo fun...part 2

If you didn't read my post before this one be sure
and check it out. There are lots of amazing zoo
animals in that post.
{you can click on the pictures to enlarge them}

We saw a lot of mist in parts of the zoo and
these flowers were gorgeous.

Mama and Papa giraffe.

I think this is a pelican...or stork?? I forget. lol

Amazing sea lions. We could have watched
these animals all day long. They just glide
through the water and flip from their belly's
to their backs. Pure delight.

There is glass here, but we thought it was so neat that
the sea lion stuck his head above the water right
in front of GD Annika.

Two little monkeys again

Keira crawling through the tunnel. Her petite little nose is
healing well. She got her five stitches out
this past week and it looks real good.

Annika coming through the tunnel
Loved this Indonesian rain forest!

Isn't this a neat bridge?

Bananas were even growing!

A little penguin in a hole in the rock.

Albino peacock that I thought was interesting.
I didn't know there were such things! lol

Some of us took a log ride and this is a shot from
our log boat.

I got this picture of son Jason and gd Keira as they
were just getting ready to round the bend ahead
of us.

Carosel GD Annika informed me this was
not a carosel, but a Merry-go-round! Too cute!

That is the end of my zoo pictures so I hope you enjoyed
another post of them. Happy Monday...I am off to my booth today as I didn't
get there at all last week.



Anonymous said...

How cute! I love the picture of the two inside the kangaroos belly,lol.To sweet!

Have a great Tuesday!

vicki said...

How very special is this! Love the pictures of the children here! You are making some wonderful and lasting memories~~


A Cottage Muse said...

Your zoo posts have been fun to look at bringing back lots of memories! Thanks Sandi!!

Rebecca said...

Hi Sandi
Isn't the zoo fun with the kids but very tiring! Your little munchkins are so very sweet... so glad you got to enjoy them like this.
The rain forest looks awesome!