Sunday, September 26, 2010

Signs of Autumn

*This is the day that the Lord hath made
Let us rejoice and be glad in it*
Psalm 118:24

Fall has definitely arrived here in Michigan. We went to a fall festival Saturday and had a
wonderful day away with hubs and son's family.

I scored these pumpkins just up the road from us a mile
or so a few days ago.

I love the smell of Sweet Annie! I used to grow it
and make my own wreaths until I became allergic
to it. Now it can't be in the same house with me.

I got all these little pumpkins {and more} just up the road
from me...for free.

They were headed to the field to be thrown out.
They can't be sold to the orchards with even a tiny
blemish. Goodness...I filled up a bag!
We throw so much good stuff away in this country
that some days it just makes me sad.

Fall potpourri at the festival.

Indian corn is always a must have for any fall decor.

Another photo from the festival. Love the bittersweet
and pumpkin together.

Hydrangeas from my own bush.

Rose hips on the north side of our pole barn.

I do hope you have a glorious fall day today.



Julie Marie said...

Hello Sandi... what absolutely gorgeous photos! I especially love the old wheelbarrow full of Autumn goodies...that looks like such a fun Fall festival... I see a sign in the background for Michigan Honeycrisp apples too... LOVE Honeycrisps and ours are supposed to arrive at my little local stand this week, can't wait! The bittersweet with the pumpkin looks so pretty too, and of course the rose hips... I tie little bunches of those and put them on Christmas packages... wishing you a beautiful Autumn day... xoxo Julie Marie Oh yes, so happy you got all the free pumpkins... you are right, so sad how much is wasted these days...

Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

I love the fall! Your beautiful pictures sum up everything I love about it! The colors, the textures, the produce!
thanks for sharing...


donna reyné said...

Hi Sandi!
It looks wonderful!
Fall has arrived here too...just down the road from you in Indiana!
I too was at a Event Saturday(well, okay I played host to one...sort of the same thing)
I don't care what the song otherwise suggests!
Have a blessed rest of your Sunday!
Hugs my friend,

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Hi Sandi... Beautiful fall ... love the bittersweet... Will be away for a couple days with another couple... Talk to you in a couple days...

vicki said...

Sandi - these are some of the lovliest fall photos that Ihave seen yet. You had a wonderful time at the festival I can tell - and your images have captured the essence of beautiful autumn! Outstanding my friend - really really beautiful!


Linda said...

Beautiful fall eye candy! I just love all your lovely photos!

Marydon said...

G'eve sweet friend ~ What a coup for you! our pictures are awesome, love the wheelbarrow decor! So glad the kids all got to go with you ... yah!

We are on the road, will keep up as best I can ..
TTFN ~ hugs of love, Marydon

Marydon said...

G'eve sweet friend ~ What a coup for you! our pictures are awesome, love the wheelbarrow decor! So glad the kids all got to go with you ... yah!

We are on the road, will keep up as best I can ..
TTFN ~ hugs of love, Marydon

aimee said...

so neat you got those pumpkins for free! beautiful pics. well we are in the fall season, but it is still 100 +! so hot and dry! it was so nice to visit you and see some fall.

A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Sandi ~ just love the old wheelbarrow! My neighbor has one and, well, wish she would let me "borrow" it for a season! Hee Hee. Beautiful pictures ~ glad you had fun!!

Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

LOVE all the pictures! Each one is beautiful and a delight. Sure puts me in the fall mood. ; )

She Uses Her Words said...

Hi Sandi,
I love all your pumpkin pictures! You've inspired me to get off my duff and get my house decorated. Just moving slow this year I guess! Plus we're at the end of harvest so have been busy!
Have a great week!
xo, Karen (your quiet follower) :)

Hope Filled Living said...

I love this post. Fall is my favorite season. What a lucky find with the little gourds/pumpkins. I always buy oodles of those for decorating. I liked the bins full of potpourri. That fall festival must have been so fun.

Ellen said...

Hi Sandi,
I just had to stop in and catch up with you, been missing you Girl! Love the Christmas buys! Oh my - so would have loved to have been there!
Your fall pictures are so calming and refreshing. I love your little pumpkins as well as your day adventures that you share with us. Thank you for sharing.
Take care and have a wonderful day!

KarenB said...

I'm jealous that you have your very own rosehips! I use to be able to go pick them when I lived in the NE. They're beautiful in Fall arrangements!

Karen B