Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The winter blahs

I don’t know if it is the goose egg on my head or just
the time of year, but I am in a funky mood. Can't get inspired, don’t want to do much, kinda lazy to boot
and a whole lot of nothing going on in this head.lol.

I am taking 1000 mg a day in antibiotics and the
"goose egg" hasn’t gone down in size at all {at least not
that I can tell}, but it is no longer sore so that is a
good thing. I do not feel bad at all that is why this is so
strange. I do not want to keep running to the doctor,
but I guess if I have to visit him again I will. Ugh.

I took a few photos around the house today to share with
you. I seriously thought about not participating in WW
this week, but I have never missed one so I thought
better of that idea. I sure wish I could visit many more of
your blogs. One of these days...it WILL happen!
The skies will open up and drop high speed down here
on Buckeye Road! :)

Last week when I went antiquing in Blissfield I found a
shoebox stuffed full and overflowing with vintage lace
pieces and it was only $3.00! I snatched that up quick.
I always can use lace for my projects and old lace adds
a special touch that new lace just can't do.

Yards and yards of some pieces. I washed it all up good
and ironed it too. I just have a good feeling after
freshening up old lace and making it smell pretty.

love old white buttons
Isn't this a beautiful face? It is on a tin that
I got some time ago at Hobby Lobby.

I know you have seen these candles before , but I wanted
to show you the cage that I purchased at Blissful Living
last week.
They even left the dried hydrangea in it for me. Love it!

Hoping you have a beautiful day and a wonderful
White Wednesday. Be sure and check out Faded Charm
for more links.

{You may all think I have totally lost my marbles, but I will
be doing a post soon on old putty knives. The patina on
the handles along with the paint splatters just spoke to me}

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Victoria said...

Such beautiful treasures as always! I hope you lump goes away soon. I think it might be the time of year, I was feeling a bit blah yesterday and couldn't get motivated to do much. And I can't blame it on the weather cuz it was gorgeous here!!!

Petite Michelle Louise said...

gosh sandi..i feel so badly for you. i hope you feel better soon..both physically AND spiritually! Your tresors are as lovely as always. take care of yourself! OK?

Carol @ A Bird in Hand said...

Wishing you a brighter rest of the day and week ahead. Hope you are feeling better soon!!

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Sandi, sure hope your head feels better soon... I am thinking of you!... all your whites are so pretty, love that lace!... and I don't think it is odd at all doing a post about old putty knives... when my daddy passed away, one of the first things I wanted was his old putty knife... he used it for everything and I love it!... xoxo Julie Marie

A Cottage Muse said...

Feel better Sandi!! The goose egg sure did not affect your beautiful photos!!

Love the sweet bird cage!!

Liz said...

Hello! Nice to meet you. Your blog is beautiful! :) You got a really great deal on that lace... good for you. I hope you feel better soon...


June said...

Sandi I am salivating over all your lacy, white, flowery pictures today. Seriously...$3??? Awesome find.

I have been worrying over your bump and your infection. I hope you are taking care of yourself. And yes, you MUST see the doctor again to make sure it is healing. How is that for mothering (bossing) you?
big hugs to you...

Kelly said...

I love EVERYTHING about this post....the buttons, the scrabble tiles, the lace on the candles, the sheet music...it's all great! I found you through White Wednesday. I'm following you now! :)


Sheila @ Dodging Raindrops said...

I love your vignettes! I hope you are feeling better soon. Winter is tough!

Lady Pamela said...

You have NEVER missed a WW! That is truly amazing. Does Kathleen know. I think that deserves special recognition.
I do hope you are not in too much pain and that the medication will work quickly.
Your WW post was a great inspiration for me to get busy and do something creative.
*Big Hugs* dear friend

Miss Gracie's House said...

oh ya...know about the winter blues...we had a gorgeous day today...keeps the hope alive...spring is coming! How about you? How much snow do you still have? Pretty treasures you have...and I totally get the putty knife...rest and get better!

Biżuteria z filcu said...

hi :)
Your blog is so great :)
You have wonderful things here !
Hugs Agata