Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter wonderland

We were dumped on with several inches of snow and a
little ice last night so hubby and I have been outside
shoveling and plowing. Of course I had to snap
photos too!

Not quite what a bird bath is for.

But doesn't everything look so pretty with a layer of
beautiful white snow??

Yes someone forgot to take in the fake flowers before
winter hit...hmm. I wonder who that would be!

We want to paint the blue shutters white this summer
and replace the porch posts.

hubby having fun

This is what I got to do while hubby drove his John Deere
around. This roof is very flat and needs replaced.
The plan is to replace it next summer along with taking
a door out and replacing some windows too. I hope it
gets done. Was going to do it last summer,
but no time. ugh. This house was built in the
1800's and still needs some work.

Look out below!!!!

Yep he is having way too much fun!! ha! Have a beautiful, snowy, cozy day today.


Sweet Old Vintage said...

Sure is the same scene but then we aren't that many miles away... Tom was out most of the morning... came in for a bowl of potato soup and is back out again... I didn't do any roof scene like you brave woman... Stay safe and warm.. Maybe the plows will come soon....

Irene said...

It certainly is a White Wednesday.

Angela said...

It is beautiful, but only from inside!! Brrrr!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Yes, I think your snow pictures are so pretty! We don't get enough snow here to ever get complacent.

Ellen said...

It looks like a dreamy snowland. I love how different, yet prettier everything looks under natures cold white glitter. You look like you were having some fun too ;)) good for you! Stay warm!!


Stella said...

Looks much like my neck of the woods. It is beatiful from the inside but I need to go unearth my car. Love the photo of the pinecone with the ice and snow.

It's me said...

Beautiful !!! all that snow....on white wednesday.....hahahahha!! love love Ria...

**Anne** said...

I love your photos of all that snow. I'm sure it must get annoying having to clear the snow, but it's so pretty. Thanks for sharing.
Anne xx
P.S. Your house is gorgeous.

Petite Michelle Louise said... go girl!! Look at you on that roof. don't know whether i'm proud of you or think you might be a gosh darn fool! :)

Faded Charm said...

It's always prettier to look at through photos than actually be out in it.

Stay warm and safe.


Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Oh my, we had that much snow in December and I'm not a big snow fan. It looks nice but I'm a spring girl. I'm sure I would have some fun driving that cute little snow tractor though.
I love old houses, Sandi. There is always something to do but I find them very charming.
Stay warm and be careful on that roof!

A Cottage Muse said...

You crazy girl being on that roof!!

Did you get him with a snowball?!!
Hee Hee!!

Fishtail Cottage said...

Cannot believe you got on that roof & scooped the careful....i got nervous for you! It looks like you sprinkled a bit of magic on the vignette on your porch! it looked really pretty! xoox