Friday, October 14, 2011

" I had the most wonderful day ever paw paw"...

...said Annika to my hubby when he walked in the door from work. She had spent the day with me and I will agree that we had a wonderful day!

After I picked her up and we got back to our house we went outside and "played" in the beautiful fall leaves. Err...rather she played and I took photos. lol. She was "decorating" around the yard with the leaves. Here she is trying to stick leaves in holes that she found in the tree.

SUCCESS...little stinker. They were still intact on this tree yesterday and she was here Wednesday.  I just love to watch her play till her hearts content.

She asked me what this hook was doing on the tree. It was still there from our hanging tomato plant last year so we hung a pumpkin. :)
She found this *nest* of sorts in the house on the back porch and thought she should take it outside too.

She was being silly here. She asked me to take a picture of it on her head. :)
Pretty hair for a fun day. At one point we hopped in the car and went to the pumpkin patch up the road a mile or so and she had fun helping pick out more little pumpkins.
I didn't think I would get her into the house too easily for lunch, but I told her we could take our food outside and we did. She really didn't eat much as she was still putting pumpkins here and there around the front yard and still decorating with leaves.
When we came inside to fix lunch she found a bag of glittery snowflakes on the stairway and she wanted to *decorate* the kitchen. At first I said, "We don't want to put those up yet because it isn't Christmas time, but then I thought what in the world would it hurt so I told her she could go ahead. Her little face lit right up. I thought she was going to put them all on the kitchen door, but she decorated the kitchen and back porch. Most of them are still up too. I don't have the heart to take them down! :)  I have snowflakes on my washer, dryer, back door, kitchen door, stove, cupboards etc. She never stopped until she was all done and THEN we went outside for lunch. I was not surprised when grandpa got home from work and she met him at the door and said, "I had the most wonderful day ever paw paw". LOVE IT!!
A tree in our yard...these got in the wrong order again. Oh well.
Standing in my yard looking out towards the woods.
Annika and I found Godzillas leaf!! We found two of these huge leaves and couldn't believe how big they were. The leaf beside it is a regular size maple leaf.
I had to share about my little sweetie today.  I just love to watch her play and have a fun day. Isn't that what grandparenting is all about?? :)


Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Sandi ~ What a precious!
Times like these are what life is all about ~

Susie said...


FinsFan said...

what a beautiful post ! Happy weekend :)

Donna said...

What sweet memories you made that day! Keep and treasure them always!

A Cottage Muse said...

Sounds like you both had the best day ever! She is a cutie pie!

Amanda Kaake said...

I love it! Jon said something similar the day we went out to the nature preserve. Kids really love to be does something to their soul as it does me. So glad you had such a wonderful day!