Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jeanne d' Arc style candleholders...part 2

I made some more votive candleholders in the Jeanne de' Arc style today and wanted to share them with you.

Two years ago hubby received a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas from yours truly and ever since then we have had extra coffee filters laying around so I used a few of them for this project.
I took a coffee filter and laid it on a paper towel, flattened it out somewhat and started stamping with my script rubber stamp.

{  No certain way to do it. It will look great no matter how you stamp it}
I stamped until I had filled one whole side .
Then I turned the filter upside down (rubber stamped image on the underside) and sat my glass candleholder in the middle.

I scrunched the coffee filter up around it ...
...tied a piece of jute around it and added a charm.

I put in tealight candles and I was done! :)

 Now you have something else to do with your extra coffee filters too. :)


time worn interiors said...

OMGoodness I love these!

Bente said...

This was so lovely and a good idea. I will try that tomorrow

Have a great sunday

Hugs from here

time worn interiors said...

I just realized I was not a follower on you blog! How did that happen? It's fixed now!

BECKY said...

These are fabulous Sandi, and oh so simple! I am going to have to do this! Thanks for the wonderful idea!!

Have a cozy evening!

Petite Michelle Louise said...

you are a very..VERY clever girl! too sweet! (i'm pinning!) ;)

LMcBurney said...

Sweet! Great idea!

Heaven's Walk said...

Of course you totally HAD me at JDA, Sandi! lol! This is another adorable idea for the holidays that I'll be making! Great for gift-giving - and cheap to make! :) Keep those great ideas coming, you creative girl you!

xoxo laurie

sjmcdowell said...

What a Lovely idea!!
They are so very pretty!!

I think they would look great for a wedding as well!!
Maybe stamped with "I love you" all over the Coffee filter!!

Hugs and Smiles,


Sezoentje-Sonja said...

Wauw, they are beautiful ,
love from Belgium,

Cat & Cricket said...

Now this I think I can handle!

Susie said...

Dang girl , you are clever !!! Sandi, I love that idea. Does your mind ever stop?:):) Smiles, Susie

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Great Job! I am now on the look for a script stamp~Cheers Kim

Irene said...

Aren't you clever! Love them.

vicki said...

Only you could do something with a coffee filter and have it turn out do fabulous. I love these- totally- absolutely- LOVE these!

Carole said...

One of my favorite stamps. I have used it on tons of things but this is the best!

A Cottage Muse said...

These are so beautiful Sandi!
Great idea for the holidays for booth fillers! Would make great shower favors too!!

LizlovesVintage said...

Sandi, these are great! Now, I know what to do with all my Coffee filters. So, inexpensive!
xxx Liz

LizlovesVintage said...

Sandi, these are great! Now, I know what to do with all my Coffee filters. So, inexpensive!
xxx Liz

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

So beautiful and simple! Perfect for the holidays!


Oh goodness Sandi, those are divine! And so simple. You are amazing. I sense a project in my future!


fleurcottage said...

love this idea - may i do a copy?! Esther

Jillayne said...

These are absolutely beautiful and so simple! I'm off to raid the cupboard!