Monday, January 30, 2012

7 minutes can change your life!

Just a quick post today. I made it safely home last night from visiting my sister in Pennsylvania.
We had such a wonderful time and hated to see it come to an end, but we are both exhausted! lol
That is what happens when you hit the ground running and never slow down until it is time to
come back home. :)

I did want to share with you the amazing goodness of our Heavenly Father. He certainly gave
our family a huge blessing without asking.  The week before I arrived my sister was at her bank doing
 some business and when she left the bank and got back in her vehicle she remembers looking at her
 clock and it said 12:31 pm.
The bank was robbed at 12:38 pm. SEVEN minutes after she left.
This past week she talked to the
clerk who had waited on her last week and she said that Chris (my sister) was her last customer and
then she took her lunch break , but was still in the bank. That is when everything broke loose.
Two masked men came in , showed a gun and robbed the place.

I have gone over all kinds of scenarios in my head such as what if my sister had been in there
when the robbers came in...would they have taken her hostage or worse yet  would they have shot her?
I thank God every day for watching over her and keeping her safe!! I could have been going to
Pennsylvania for a totally different reason that I don't even want to think about.

Friday while we were shopping she got another phone call that there was another bank robbery
in a little town called Sandy Lake about 5 minutes from where she lives and there was also
a third one all within a few miles of where she lives.  If you think about it please say a prayer
that these people will be caught and not hurt anyone in the meantime.

Thanking God today for the prayers he answers without us even praying them!!


GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Wow! Praising God with you for His hand of protection!

WhiteWhispers2u said...

I am so thankful your sister wasn't in the Bank at the time.The post traumatic stress alone from the robbery could have been enough damage.

You are so right we all should be very thankful for the unanswered prayers as well.

Glad you made it home safely too.I am always thankful for a safe arrival and a safe return.You just never know.~Blessings Kim

Irene said...

If we stop to think of these things we surely should be thankful.

Lady Pamela said...

Thanking God that you are home safe as well. God is Good.

Rose D., NJ said...

No need to think about it! Sending many, many prayers your way today and always!

Pleuntje said...

Just read the story. Its a real blessing. Thank God your sister was save.
If you dont mind I put the picture of the angel at my blog. Is that ok with you ? Love Petra

Susie said...

Wow Sandi, I guess your sister was with angels that day. Scary when you think of it. Take care, glad you are home safe. Smiles, Susie

Julie Marie said...

That is so scary Sandi!... when Jack was a police officer (before he retired) he worked in robbery and homicide... there were numerous bank robberies going on and it turned out it was some cops~gone~bad... he had to arrest some of the very men he had worked with earlier in their careers... so happy you sister is ok, and will say prayers for everyone else, and hope the robbers are caught soon!... xoxo Julie Marie

Lady Farmer said...

Wow! Sandi, what a story! Yes, thank God everything turned out well for your sister. I am so thankful that I cannot see the 'unseen' rhelm ~ how the Lord sends his angels to fight battles for us, to keep us safe from so many dangers and we don't even know.
Be Blessed today!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Oh my goodness--thanking God your sister is okay!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

What an unbelievable story!
Thank goodness she was not there!

Unknown said...

Amazing how God puts you in places & takes you OUT of places. So grateful your sister & all, have been safe ... & may they be caught quickly.

Glad you had a grand time with Christs, sweet friend.

Have a great week.

Lisa said...

I will! I was driving my mother's car a few weeks ago. I was driving along and there was a couple who lost their load out of their pick up. Then a few miles later a man was changing a tire on his trailer in a not so great place on the road. At this point I asked God to look for all those on the road having problems and those who might come upon them to be aware. Not too many more miles I noticed the brakes were a bit funny. SO when I approached a dead end stop I was slowing and trying to stop way ahead, the road was going down hill and the car sped up. I got in a turn lane around the cars in front of me and a car was turning up the street I was on I pumped the breaks and blew the horn all while I got the car down around the turn and through another turn lane around ALL of the other cars. All I can tell you was I was determined not to die that day and the ONLY way I got it all done and all the other cars stopped was GOD! I don't like to ask for many things for myself, so I was glad my earlier prayer had been heard for all of us. I am glad your sister is safe,and having worked in a bank I will make sure to think of all of them too!
Hugs and prayers, Lisa

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

This is the second story I have heard of answered prayers before they were even asked! How The Lord is watching over your sister! What a wonderful story you have shared with us. Prayers these people will be caught.


Donna Reyne' said...

Oh my Sandi!
I am not one to watch a lot of news but I still here about these things happening all over with great frequency! I am so glad your sister was taken out of harms way and I hope they apprehend this individual(s)
~It's very often the unanswered or unspoken prayers that God reply's
He is amazing!
Hugs form here sweet Sandi!

Regina said...

I love to read stories where it makes you stop and say thanks to the Lord for all his blessings. God is good.

Barbara Jean said...

Love this!!

thanks for visiting my place last week.
Just got back for a great vacation/fill the car buying trip. =)
blessings bj

Nita Jo said...

I love this post! It's those millions of moments, we so often are never privileged to find out about, that may have changed the course of our life. I'm glad your sister is safe and that you got to know about this miracle in your lives!