Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My garden

The weather is beautiful today in Michigan so I ventured outside to do some weeding in my
little garden. I found this sign at an antique mall when we visited our daughter this past
weekend. While I was carrying it around a lady told me two different times that she
really liked it. :)

I asked for a new fence for "Mothers day" from my hubby. This one is getting rotten
and falling apart. It has been here for several years and it is time to go.
Time will tell if he actually has time to make one anytime soon. :)

A favorite birdhouse and cement face.
{Don't look too close as I noticed the garage needs washed and parts of it also
need painted}

I love this piece in my garden, but I kinda had a *dumb* moment and left it out all winter.
Guess what happened? Yep, part of it broke off. You can't see it since the flowers
cover it up, but I was bummed.

My chives are about ready to bloom. I really need to put them in pots to contain them
a little better.  I love to use them in salads, potatoes, egg salad sandwiches etc.

Our deck also needs replaced. The plan was to do it last year, but we have so many projects in the
works at any given time that it just got pushed to the back burner once again. Hopefully we can
actually accomplish that this summer. I am very slowly getting my goodies out of the potting
shed and adding them to the deck. I don't want to fill it up and then have to take it all back off
when we replace the deck so I am going very slowwwww. :)

I adore Rosemary plants and usually purchase two or three a year.

I never tire of my sweet woodruff especially when it is blooming. I just love the white flowers. This
started with just a few plants several years ago and it has filled in very nicely. I highly recommend it
for a great ground cover.

My fairy house fell over a few weeks ago in very heavy winds that came through our area and it
now needs some help. Several of the window panes fell out, but they are all intact so we just
need to put them back in. Part of the decoration on the front broke and it needs repainted white
again.  I see we need to do some weed spraying too...the fun just never ends when spring
rolls around. :)

Hoping you are having a wonderful day today whatever the weather is where you
are at. I think it is even supposed to be warmer  here tomorrow...:)


Irene said...

What a lovely little oasis. Love he goodies coming out too. I don' seem to have luck with woodruff, but I suspect it's not luck but someone I married. I was out today, even though it was very windy. Pulled all those danelions in the back yard, the front is o.k. for now, and I thought I'd pull my tulips so I can plant other things for the remainder of the season, they are done blooming, and Martha Stewart said we should treat them as annuals, so I'm giving it a try. Enjoy the rest of the week.

kathee said...

Lovely garden photos...thank you for sharing and I love that sign..xok

Anne said...

Oh so lovely! I used to grow sweet woodruff and then hang it to dry in my closets. Love the scent.

Your garden is beautiful!

Jody and Stan said...

Your garden is beautiful. Love all your inspirational photos!


vintageandart said...

l love your gorgeous garden pics it looks so pretty and makes me want to throw down a rug and grab a book...don't worry if everything isn't's perfect in it's imperfection...l too love your new sign.

Bente said...

Beautiful photos from your garden. Love all the white flowers.


andrea@townandprairie said...

The creeping flowers add a wonderful cottage aspect to your sacred space!

Heaven's Walk said...

Oh, Sandi! Your garden is so sweet! Love the pathway to the sweet woodruff. I have some in my garden, too...and adore the neat, tidy way it spreads! I'm thinking of putting some around the redbud in my front yard. Ya know....that elderly lady really wanted you to say, "Oh, take it!" lol!

xoxo laurie

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Beautiful gardens--and I love your sign!

Amanda Kaake said...

Everything looks SO beautiful!!!

A Cottage Muse said...

Glad you held tightly to that sign, it looks perfect in your pretty garden! Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Such beautiful bloom in your garden! I just LOVE all the white. You have so many sweet features too. Congrats on your magazine picture! So fun!

Linda said...

Thank you for sharing your garden with us. It is really nice! We did a major make over to our front yard. What a difference in the curb appeal. We had a privacy fence just outside our front door facing the neighbors. It had shrubs, we tore it all down. The neighbor gave us huge landscape rocks and we moved 2 azalaes. Then we bought new yard lights and I put a flood light on the one large rock. Neighbors have gave us such wonderful comments on the transformation( as one neighbor shared)