Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Watching them play...

How did you spend your Memorial Day? We spent ours at our sons house and had a
wonderful time just being with him and our daughter-in-law and our grands. I took over
300 photos!! Yes...that many so you know I really edited them down to share these
few with you. The best of the best...I think anyways! lol

Precious Ainsley having fun playing in the water. Isn't she just too adorable!!
I just love her swimsuit and hat!

Big sister Annika having fun as well. Their other grandma brought over a small white enamel washtub
that her husband used to take baths in when he was little and did they ever have fun with that!!
You would have thought it was a huge pool!! 

I had to throw this photo in...I made these for lunch and they were a hit. So easy.
Cream puffs and strawberry kabobs drizzled in chocolate.

We grilled corn for part of our evening meal and it was so yummy.
Ainsley sure is enjoying hers.

She is my sweetie girl...looks just like her daddy! Look at those sweet little hands and toes. 

Annika sure has an interesting way to eat corn! I think she was trying to get off every last kernel.

Enjoying her strawberries and cream puffs! She is so funny! She ate it like corn on the cob instead
of taking each one off . She had chocolate everywhere and if you notice, she even added more
chocolate to hers.  She was even licking her arm. *giggle* I thought I added that photo, but
obviously not. :)

After lunch inside our DIL was washing some drawings off the window {the kids used
window markers and have a lot of fun} and little Ms. Ainsley decided that she wanted
to help. Notice the chocolate covered face and a partially eaten strawberry
in her hand?? hee hee

Working for her supper??? *smile* 

Our youngest son Nathan enjoying the day with the kiddos.

Little patriotic Ainsley...all in all it was a fabulous day...


off we went to the ER again!  Hubby this time.  He had shown me a little
pimple like thing on his hand on Friday and said he hoped it didn't turn into
a boil like some men at work had been getting...well guess what?? His hand
swelled up huge and after we all ate our dinner/supper  he mentioned that
the pain was shooting up to his elbow during the day which I did not know
 I knew this was not good so we made a hospital run! Now what is it with
holidays and us this year?? I had my  appendix out over Easter and now
 this on Memorial Day? ugh.

Long story short, he has a dilly of an infection and had to stay in the hospital
for a few hours while they pumped him full of antibiotics through an IV. Now
he is on TWO very potent antibiotics here at home as well. They said they
gave him the top of the line meds at the hospital.  I wanted him to stay home
from work yesterday,but not my hubby. He is not one to miss work for any
 reason whatsoever so off he went. Please keep him in your prayers that this
will heal quickly and he won't have anymore problems with it.

so...what did you do on Memorial Day??? 


The Vintage Farmhouse said...

1. Awwww they are so cute!
2. I am so coming up that way and stopping by your house to eat!
3. Ouch! Hope he is feeling better quick like.
4. I went to yard sales for Memorial Day. The call of the sale was too strong!

Kelly_Deal said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day! My day was spent with the hubby trying to put a metal canopy up on our deck. Don't ever try putting one of those things up on a hot, windy day. Arrrrggghhh! it looks great though!

The Feathered Nest said...

Goodness girl!!! I'm so sorry about your hubby's hand!! I'm glad you guys went ahead to the ER...I'm sure he's feeling much better by now. What precious grandbabies Sandi, and beautiful photos, looks like you had a wonderful day!! (except for the ER!) hugs and love, Dawn

julie - eab designs said...

I just love these photos - especially the grands with their corn cobs! Hoping your hubby's hand will feel better soon. Seem's the strangest things always happen on the holidays. Take Care!

Tricia said...

What a bunch of cuties! I love the corncob photos. My daughter always tries to get every last kernel too. Hope your husband feels better soon :)

A Cottage Muse said...

You guys better hide out come fourth of july!! Glad your honey is on the mend!

Those girls are just beautiful!!