Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Watches and fans and messes...OH MY!!

I found these watches at an antique store a couple weekends ago and just had to bring them home with me.
I have never seen any like them...have you?? So unique. 

This is what I REALLY should be doing today, but instead I decided to clean a fan and take photos?!! 

I am working on filling up my new/old cabinet that has an old screen door attached. I just love it!!  That little white
basket won't stay on that stand, but we are *a work in progress* here at the moment.  

Don't you just love this cabinet? I want another one for the other wall. I can guarantee you that I could have them both filled up in no time flat! ha! 

Isn't this a neat old fan? I have loved this fan from the moment I found her {several years ago| and I use her every year.  I noticed today that she needed a good cleaning. Have you ever tried to take apart and old fan? They don't have screws that make it easy like the fans now-days. After studying her for awhile, I realized the front grill comes off so that is how
I had to clean the whole fan.  

I even had to clean the backside of the blades from the front which was very interesting, but she looks much
better now. :)  Love her soft aqua color. 

Something about neutrals just speak to my soul...

Yea...the fan pics were supposed to be at the end of the post , but Sandi goofed again. lol

Happy Wednesday and be sure to enjoy life!!



Julie Marie said...

Oh Sandi, you're so cute!... love your old fan... they are the best!... work so much better than the cheapie plastic ones they make these days... and your cabinet full of goodies... sigh... love love love your old screen door on it, what a unique idea!... (does it slam like an old screen door?... love that sound!) I have never seen vintage watches quite like those you found... I have several that were my mama's, but none like those... enjoy your day!... xoxo Julie Marie

Irene said...

Love the fan, and the cupboard with the screen door, great. I'm recuperating from a flood in my basement, so all my cupboards are going to the dump.

Amy Kinser said...

What a great cabinet! I also love that fan! She beautiful all cleaned up.

No, never seen watches like that but they are cool, for sure. Don't blame you for getting them.

Sue said...

WOW, Sandi ... I'd LOVE to come and play in your BEAUTIFUL space. You are sooooooooo fortunate!

Di Lewis said...

Hi Sandi, Your cabinet is full of clever treasures!Love it!Dianna

Susie said...

I love that vintage fan !!! I have an old fan too...not as nice as yours. I love old fans and clocks. You have done a fine job with the cute cabinet.xox,Susie

lynn said...

love the sweet old fan, sandi! and your screened cabinet is simply awesome--had to pin it, cuz, i have an old screen just waiting to be made into something wonderful!