Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Parisian Birthday...♫♪♫

Happy birthday to me...♪♫♪
Happy birthday to me...♫♪♫
Happy birthday dear meeeeeeeeeee...♪♫♪
Happy birthday to me!! ♪♫♪

It just so happens that I love anything to do with Paris or the French style so it was
a pure delight when my daughter surprised me with a Parisian style birthday party a
couple weeks ago.

{way back on March birthday is the 10th}

 The lighting wasn't that great for pics , but I did the
best I could and I loved every little detail. 

 She said she googled "Parisian brunch" and found out they have lots of pastries so that
is what the party was all about .

Cream puffs sprinkled with powdered sugar and croissants along with those little pastry sticks.


She also used small goblets and served me sparkling juice...

and  she filled a second one with fruit and cream.

The main course was quiche and asparagus.


They were just delicious!!!

All made from scratch by her loving hands.

{ I gotta find me some "scratch" }

YES, I ate both pieces because they were two different kinds.

{that is my excuse anyway}

Swiss Chard Quiche

 and Bacon Quiche

{click on them to get the recipes}

She also whipped up some chocolate cupcakes with raspberry filling and icing.

The Eiffel tower chocolate...Yep she made that also!

In fact I forgot I have a couple of those!

Wait a minute while I run out to the kitchen and take a bite!!

Okay I am back. tee hee.

Just what I needed tonight.


As if that amazing meal wasn't enough, she also gifted me with these two huge mugs and I love them.

{along with a book and seems like something else, but I forgot what...haha!}

Oh, I forgot to tell you that we were out shopping that day and she said we had to stop at
one more store so she could run in for something. I waited in the car and when she got back
she said she had to dig through tons of these "things" to find the specific one she wanted and
they only had ONE in the print she wanted. I found out later it was the tablecloth with the
 coffee cups on it. She didn't miss one little detail!

Thank you Mandi...I love you!!!

Then on my actual birthday my son and his family brought me dinner and these cupcakes
that granddaughter Annika picked out for me.  I now have FOUR heart shaped rings...
one for two fingers on each hand. :)

They brought chicken, baked beans and coleslaw that was delicious as well.

I LOVE family times!

I was headed for bed that same evening and I received a phone call from my oldest
son Jason. I picked up the receiver and I said, 




...all of a sudden four precious voices started singing Happy Birthday to me.
 Mommy,daddy and grandchildren Kanaan and Keira.

 It was the perfect end to a perfect day. ♥

Today, my bff took me out for my birthday lunch and handed me this adorable card!!

{I love stretching my birthday out over several weeks because then it seems like I celebrate me all
 month long. lol}

She also gave me this belt which I absolutely L.O.V.E.

In fact I have it on right now.

Her and I quit exchanging gifts a few years ago and I reminded her of that , but she informed me
that she could get me something if she wanted to. haha!! Love you Peggy!!!

I just love it when my family and friends "get me" and understand what it is that I love.

Now, they may think that I am cracked, but they indulge me and that is fun.
After all, we all are unique creatures and that is what makes the world go round.

55 years old...oh my goodness!!
Where in the world did those years go? Funny thing is that I don't feel that least
not most of the time. ha!!

Here's to another 55 years...bring it on!


Kathy said...

1I just adore your Parisian brunch. How very beautiful. I would love someone to do that for me. And again on your birthday. Your family is so sweet. And your friend, also. Love the belt. Happy birthday!

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

Talk about a HAPPY Birthday!!! Your daughter really knows how to put together a party. Sweet times ~ made sweeter by those you love.
Happy Birthday, Sandi!
~ Lin

Createology said...

Belated Happy Birthday. How very sweet of your daughter to be so Tres Chic and spoil you Parisian style. Bonjour Mes Amis...

Donna said...

Looks like a spectacular celebration. Best wishes and may you have many more years to celebrate.

Lady Pamela said...

What an incredible birthday, Sandi. You deserve it.