Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall fun with Family

Our son and his family came from North Dakota to visit us for a few days and we made the most
 of the time we had together with our two precious granddaughters. We miss them very much
since they moved away, so it was great to spend some time together.

One day the girls and I made Halloween cupcakes together and I tried to capture the process.
I took a few more a LOT MORE photos, but I realized that you don't want to see 500 photos
of my grandchildren. Although I just can't understand why not! ha!

LOVE this one of Ainsley and her little bare feet. 

They took turns putting the batter into the cupcake liners...

Then they started frosting them...

 ...and they added sprinkles.

There was a lot of laughing and licking going on. Too fun and great memories!

We also visited a corn maze one day that is a few miles from our home and Ainsley hopped up here
to have her picture taken.

Grandpa took them a wagon ride. They always love to do this. I think he enjoys it as much as they do.

What little child doesn't like to pick up stones and leaves and all kinds of treasures?
I haven't met one yet. 

This is our family in the middle of the corn maze. 

The girls also love to play dress up whenever they come and it did not take them long
to pick out some dresses and put them on.  I keep a stash of them just for times like

Sisters Annika and Ainsley.
{Annika is wearing my sunglasses}

There was a petting zoo and the girls loved the animals!
A calf, pigs, goats and sheep. They really were cute little creatures!

This girl is limber! I remember those days...very faintly. ha!

This little gal is such a hoot! Her daddy told her to tell him which way to go and
she did pretty good, but this time she didn't tell him so he kept on walking
right into the corn. She thought that was pretty funny.

We love these witty, spunky, beautiful granddaughters of ours and we are so thankful that
they were able to spend a few days with us. They have moved on to North Carolina now and
we miss them already.  Annika will be going to another new school and their parents will
 be getting new jobs.

 Hubby and I are adjusting to a "new normal"with them so far away,
 and we are surviving...barely. lol

Prayers appreciated for them all.



Julie Marie said...

Oh they are just precious Sandi!... love the photo of all of you in the corn maze... so happy you got to spend this time with them... the cupcake making looks extra fun!... xoxo... Julie Marie

julie - eab designs said...

Sandi, The girls are beautiful and I know how much you must miss them. Happy to hear you were able to fit lots of fun activities in and you had nice weather as well to enjoy them. The pigs are so cute and I now have a craving for some chocolate cake!

Donna said...

Oh my, they are growing up so fast! Such sweet memories you made. Isn't Annika the one who I suggested taking out the batteries a couple of years ago, LOL? Now she looks so grown up!

June said...

Well, I for one could have looked at hundreds of your pictures today Sandi. What awesome captures of your beautiful family!!!! I love, love, love the first one of your little grand on the table!
I'm so happy that you had this time with them!

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

Oh, what a beautiful visit Sandi. You've created wonderful memories for these girls to cherish during the times you don't see them. Makes it that much sweeter next time you do.

Sue Kosec said...

Such sweet little ladies ... I can see how you miss them!