Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Vintage suitcases and Paper-whites...

...have absolutely nothing in common except that I took pictures of both today. ha!

{or maybe suitcases full of paper-whites?? How fun would that be!}

I love this bench that I purchased over a year ago from a dear blogging friend.

Isn't it amazing???

She is so uber talented and I just love her shop and all her goodies.

I have told her that it is a good thing that I don't live very close to her shop or I
would be in trouble!

I am also thinking as of late with all the vintage suitcases I now own
I should be traveling!! :)


I decided to plant some paper-whites today. Oh, I know everyone else is way ahead of me.
But...I love a bargain and a bargain these were!!
Marked wayyy down since it is after Christmas so I purchased a few and got to planting.

I'm kinda messy...shh, please don't tell anyone!

Three containers all planted up and ready for these babies to


Wouldn't this be a fun way to give these as a gift?

I have always hated to throw out the pretty cardboard containers that some of them
come in so today I made tags out of them.

I would love these every year as a gift because it brings such a bright spot of spring to
the cold winter days.

I took a break shortly after I planted all my bulbs...a gal has to keep up her strength you know.

Do you plant paper-whites?  I would love to hear about it.
I am not so sure about Amaryllis...I have some planted , but they don't
seem to be doing much. Time will tell.

I pray that each of you have a wonderful rest of the week and that abundant
blessings fill your life!


6 comments: said...

I love paper whites. I wish I could find a source to grow the in the house all year. Love the pots that you put yours in.
~Debra xxx

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Everthing look so pretty Sandi!
I think I'll get some paperwhites going and give them to my daughter when she moves into her first place in a few weeks!

Irene said...

I think it would be lovely to grow paper whites in a suitcase, or the top of a open drawer dresser, (like the one on your porch). but, I suck at indoor plants, either too much sun or not enough and then there is the cat that eats everything...

Sue Kosec said...

Love paper whites ... amaryllis, too. Oh - and those suitcases? You can mail them to me any time you get tired of them. LOVE!


Heaven's Walk said...

Sooo sweet, Sandi! Love seeing paperwhites in rustic pots. They're such a charming promise of spring....that WILL get here soon....won't it? lol

xoxo laurie

June said...

Gorgeous photos Sandi! I also love the pots you planted the paperwhites in. So pretty, and yes, they would be wonderful gifts. I try to plant paperwhites every year and this year I planted about Thanksgiving and the leaves grew so tall and no blooms till just this week. weird-- thankfully I'm a very patient women :))))
Have a wonderful week Sandi.
hugs form here...