Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cupid Float...yumm!

Have you ever had a

cupid float?

oh my!

 I was introduced to them by my cousin and they are so addictive!

It is so easy peasy to make them!

You get out a pretty glass and add a few scoops of vanilla ice cream.

Then you pour in some Cherry 7-up and top it with whipped cream and a cherry.

I told you calories either!!! NONE whatsoever...haha!

{disclaimer: they just might have a few of those nasty calories hanging around, but they are so worth it}


We are still in the throws of winter here in Michigan. We have had some nasty weather lately.

Last week we went to town to get a few groceries and the weather was okay on the way there.
An hour or less later a snow squall burst upon the scene and it was a mess. There were
white-outs and it was scary driving. We had just got outside of town and headed home and came
upon an accident and then not much farther down the road there was another car in the ditch.

When those white-outs hit you can't see one thing in front of you. I can now understand the accidents
where several cars are involved. As fast as this blew up, there is absolutely nothing you can do
 except PRAY that you make it through.

I am sooooooooo ready for it just around the corner?? I hope so!!



NanaDiana said...

Not only does that taste good but it is SOOOO pretty. This will be fun to make for the little girls-except I won't use the diet stuff for them. xo Diana

Trisha said...

Yummy! In Idaho we call those Pink Ladies and you can get them at most drive-in restaurants. I have never made my own, I am going to have to try it out! Stay safe and warm!


June said...

Isn't it scary when those squalls come through? I was caught in one and I think it took me forever to get my death grip pried off the steering wheel.
Your cupid's float looks delish!
hugs from me...

Jeanie said...

Looks divine, even on a frozen day like today!

Greetings from a fellow Michigan blogger! I'm in Lansing and this morning it is -10 (or -27,if one is brave and bold enough to go for it!) You are right -- it's a brutal winter. But something like this reminds me of all the happy moments of summer and right now that's about the best we can do!

Keep cozy!

Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Sandi,
This looks yummy and pretty. I remember those white outs when I lived in Michigan. They can be very scary.
Glad you got home ok. We are below zero temps here in Chicago. Ohhhh I cannot wait for the week end it is suppose to warm up some. Stay warm my friend.

Julie Marie said...

Oooh this looks sooo yummy Sandi, I am going to make some!... sorry about your yucky weather... we were having beautiful Springlike weather, and now today we have SNOW!... hurry up Spring!... xoxo... Julie Marie

Julie Marie said...

How fun, you were visiting me and leaving a comment at the same time I was here visiting you, love it when that happens!... my photo of the doves was earlier in the day, then it started to rain and now we have snow, yucky!!!!! xoxo...

Thistle Cove Farm said...

This looks wonderful but there's only me so will admire solely on your blog. I drove in that first Jan No'Easter and, thank God, missed the pile-up on I-94. I was hugging the right white line, all lights on and flashing and going a whopping 30 mph. Every time I thought I was going too slow for traffic...but NOT for the storm...I would see yet another car or tractor trailer off the road and, sometimes, flipped. It was a FRIGHTENING experience, especially as I was pulling a 16' camper. Thank God I made it home safely!