Monday, October 24, 2016

Chance of pace...Angel Baby Gowns

Ever since we lost our precious granddaughter

 Eden Rain

back in May to stillbirth I have wanted to do something to help others that also walk this 
heartbreaking road. I knew nothing would happen unless I made a move, so after a couple months ,
 I reached out to the organization called

Sufficient Grace 

that helped our family when we needed it most. They have volunteer sewers that sew angel
baby gowns from donated wedding dresses for precious babies that don't make it into this world.

The bible says,

"ASK and you shall receive"...
and it worked! lol

 I received my first wedding dress in the mail a few weeks ago and I have been sewing ever since.

{sorry these aren't the greatest pictures, but they were taken in a room with bad lighting
and with my phone}

They sent a pattern that comes in three sizes and is open in the back with ribbon ties.

With every stitch I thought about our precious Eden and all the other babies that pass away 
and it was an honor to sew these gowns for their precious little bodies.

I was able to get TEN little dresses out of the wedding dress that was donated and I was 

. We love and miss her so very much and I vow not to let her be forgotten.

My deepest prayer is that these dresses would never have to be used, but sadly...

 I know they will.

I pray it brings a bit of comfort to the families who receive these precious

This dress on the left I made a boo boo on. The center front is to be laid on a fold and I wasn't paying
attention and cut it right down the middle! WHOOPS!  I did not want to waste this little dress so
I made a placket down the front joining the pieces together. Where there is a will there is a way!

Please stop a minute and pray for all families of babies is a horrible tragedy to any
family no matter the circumstances. It has really opened my eyes to how many babies are lost
each day, month, year and we have no clue WHY! There have been several losses in our  local area
recently and something needs to be done!


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