Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Little More Decorating...

I stood on my kitchen countertops last night and added this sparkly greenery to my displays that are on top of my kitchen cupboards. I thought it looked so pretty and then today...I opened a cupboard door and thought...DUH...this is NOT going to work.....all the little pretty strands hanging down get shut in the door! It was one of those moments...what WAS I thinking? So I need to make a few adjustments.

I have had these oak kitchen cupboards since 1982 when my father made them for me. (He has been a cabinet builder for as long as I can remember), but they have seen better days. I want to strip them and paint them so bad, but haven't took that leap yet. Maybe next summer. :) Blessings!

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Joy said...

Hi Sandi! I like what you did over your cabinets, even though it turned out not to be as practical as it needs to be.

We are in the process right now of sanding and painting our mid-'80s style oak stained cabinets. Fun! ;o)