Saturday, November 1, 2008

Antique Bird Books & Ephemera

I went antiquing on Thursday and wanted to share a few of my finds. I consider them all wonderful treasures and I absolutely love each and every piece. The bird books are amazing with wonderful old pictures and the ephemera is just as grand. The wildflower book is lovely and can you believe that it was originally 1 penny? It has several pages with the colored plates of different flowers. I left the antique store with all these things plus 5 or 6 vintage photo cabinet cards that didn't make it in the pictures...(maybe next time)... all for $15! I was thrilled to say the least!


Felicia said...

What delightful treasures you found :)

Lady Laurie said...

Oh you found some wonderful treasures! I love old postcards and books ~ and all sorts of vintage treasures!