Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Grillin' ~

I love summer if for no other reason than for GRILLING ~
Opps...somehow this one snuck in here and it is
grilled...but I do love it~
One of my favorite summer go to meals...
Linguini (can use thin spaghetti also), onions, garlic,
tomatoes, basil, parmesean cheese and olive oil
Now can I say that my husband is the
He made this wonderful chicken on the grill
(he laid a tinfoil covered brick on top of it to flatten it)
and it was the best I have ever had. So juicy and just perfect~
Summer squash...another fabulous item for grilling. I was never a fan , but I could eat it about every day now... Well maybe not quite , but almost~ Delicious potatoes... My son-in-law made these huge steaks for hubby and himself when we were at their house a few weeks ago . Hubby thought he died and went to heaven! This was my meal at my daughters. Grilled corn on the cob, chicken and cheesy potatoes... So good!

Do you grill out in the summer? Do you have any favorite things you love to grill? Who does the grilling? My husband has always done the grilling here. I have not even attempted it since he has perfected it !



suzeeez said...

Mmmm mm m m mm m m m , Wow,everything looks delicious. It all looks perfectly grilled . Great pictures,they could be in a food magazine!
:o) Sue

Marilyn said...

We absolutely Love to grill in the summer & eat on the screened-in back porch!!
Your photo's are mouth-watering!!

Sue said...

We grill out a LOT in the summer and into fall. It helps with keeping the heat out of the kitchen as we don't have air-conditioning.
Your food looks wonderful!!

miss gracies house said...

Yummy...we grill a lot here too. No A/C so it is all about staying cool!

Nadine said...

oh, now I am so all looks so good! My husband is the griller in our house!
I like the idea for the pasta - yummy!


Allidink said...

Oh yes we grill lots of veggies. So good! Mmm.

All the best,

The Victorian Parlor said...

Yummm!!! It all looks so good!



Joy said...

Wow all of that looks fantastic!

Amanda Kaake said...

Mmmm, you reminded me of a pasta we've made in the past that is very similar. You take the cut up tomatoes, olive oil and garlic and saute while crushing tomatoes. Then toss that with cooked noodles, fresh basil and fresh mozz. I think I'd almost like the parm better. We only have fresh romano right now and some tiny tender basil out my back door. I"ll have to make this tomorrow possibly. Yum!!!!!