Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Rest ~

rest n. - to cease from action or motion , especially from action
which has caused weariness; to desist from labor or exertion

{ a favorite antique picture hanging in my home} Six days you shall labor, but on the seventh day you shall rest... Exodus 34:21

Today I intend to rest and renew my spirit from the hustle and bustle of this busy season. won't you join me ? Blessings~


Anonymous said...

.....Good idea Sandi...That is about what I plan on doing too!!
Merry Christmas!

Irene said...

Well maybe not "real" rest, but no laundry. I'm still in the process of clearing my studio to safety for furnace installation. Have a good rest, while I sort paper, (oh such a relaxing job, I love paper).

Piney Rose said...

Hey....not a bad idea..I shall turn on some music and wrap a few packages - (that's rest for me!) Have a good restful day, Sandi.

Amanda Kaake said...

Oh mom that picture is my absolute favorite! As far as the rest - I sure wish. We went to church, came home, just dropped Matt off for a Deacon meeting then have to leave again at 5 to take Lyshie to play practice, then the play at 6pm. Matt took off the day tomorrow to use up some vacation time. That will be more of a rest for me. I'm so glad you're relaxing today. I love you much and will see you very soon!

donna said...

What a lovely idea...I too took today off.
I must admit...I don't always take this day completely off.
Lovely picture you have there... I love the patina of older just can't get that with newer pieces
Have a wonderful rest of the day...donna

Wizard of Was said...

I did just that today! We all need to remember it in our hectic lives..not only does rest heal the body, but the heart and soul as well...thank you

Marydon Ford said...

Rest ye weary soul! ... I am still trying to figure out HOW to do this ... every single day of my life.

Oh, Sandy, little Miss is adorable. These wee ones bring such joy to the season, don't they ... through the eyes of a child.

Hugs & love, Marydon

Marie-Monique said...

Un grand merci pour tout ce romantisme et tant de poésie ...j'adore !!! à bientôt, bonne fin d'Année