Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas time is here again...

Quite a busy day yesterday...
went to church in the AM and as we were driving home
hubby said,
"Something is in my eye"...

We came home, grabbed a bite to eat and then I had
to leave again about 2:30 to go back to church and
decorate for a ladies tea and then stay for the tea as well.

I opted for *simple* this year. {Truthfully I forgot I was supposed to decorate until
two days before the event}

I photocopied vintage carols, added fake pine, snowflake
punch outs and candles. It did look very pretty.

A little decor around the house...

This little guy is mine from when I was very young. One year my daughter tore off the arms and legs and I had to glue them back on.

vintage silver ornies

Found this little guy for a song one year

I am not even going to tell you what I paid for *eight* of these vintage putz houses in wonderful condition because I know you would just sit down and cry. I found them last week at the antique mall where I have my booth.

They are all stamped *Japan* on the bottom. I have several more that I have collected over the years also and I have not even had time to get them out yet.

I pull out my vintage pinecones every year and
they are a favorite in my decorations.

I have loads of vintage sugar many that I
didn't even use them all this year.

Oh look...another birdie popped up.

One of the Christmas cards I am sending out this year.

I also have a lot of vintage silver ornies that I adore.

Oops...back to hubby. I kinda got sidetracked here with
all the pretty Christmasy items.

I called hubby on the way home from my Christmas tea
and he said "my eye isn't any better". I told him I was sorry
and that I would be home soon.
I walked in the house , took one look at him and said,
"Why did you not go and get this looked at???"
{severly swollen at this point and infected}
His reply..."where would I go".
Are you kidding me...oh my!

We got in the car and headed for the ER.
Seems something had been in his eye and whenever he got it
out it had scratched the cornea and his eye was now infected.
{I will spare you the gross details}
I did get to look at the scratch as the doctor was holding the
glass for me to look through. Interesting...

So 45 minutes later we were headed for home with antibiotic
eye drops. I didn't see him this morning before he left for
work, but I do hope he is much better tonight.
Last night he looked like he got in a fight and lost!

Hoping you have a beautiful Monday...
linking up on Wednesday with Kathleen over at Faded Charm too.

Update on Tuesday: hubby's eye is getting better slowly. wouldn't you know
it he forgot his eye drops at work today so missed taking them twice like
he was supposed to tonight. Hope he is fully recovered soon!
Oh and we really don't know for sure what was in it, but think it was a
metal shaving from work. By the time he got to the hospital it was out
and whatever it was just left behind the infection.


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Sandi, first of all, I do hope your hubby's eye is ok... did they find what was in it? Please let me know... next, I love your vintage decorations... you know me and vintage Christmas!... and you already told me what you paid for those sweet little Putz houses, and you are right, I would have JUMPED at them too!... love your little elf from when you were a little girl... priceless!... xoxo Julie Marie

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

Your vignettes are so pretty. And I luv the putz houses. Thanks for sharing........TALLULAH'S

~~Carol~~ said...

It's ok, I always cry now when I see putz houses, because I sold all of mine a few years ago and now I really regret it! Everything looks beautiful, and I hope hubby is ok. I thought for sure you were going to say that your hubby got glitter in his eye! I'm always so surprised that I don't end up with an eyeful after a crazy crafting session or Christmas decorating, because the glitter does tend to fly!

littlethings1 said...

Your decorations are adorable !! I have some also that children "altered" along the way ! Hope your husband's eye is much much better !

It's me said...

Lovely decoratings darling....hope your husband is feeling better what was in his eye??...lovely week Ria....

Becky C said...

Love your decorations, beautiful! Hope his eye gets well soon :)
becky c

Dorthe said...

Dear Sandi
Hope your husbonds eye, are ok now-- I love your decor,--the bells-both silver and sugar- the houses-beautifull-the pine cones-and bird-every thing looks awsome.
Hugs, Dorthe

Irene said...

how lovely, sorry to hear about your hubby.

Auntie Bliss said...

Oh I hate it when hubbies have to go to work not feeling up to par! I hope that eye gets well fast. That hurts.

Love your vintage collectibles!!! I have a booth at a flea mkt. too :)

A Cottage Muse said...

Hi wasn't glitter that was in your honey's eye I hope!

Everything is looking very merry and bright!

Tracey said...

Hi Sandi! I hope your husband's eye is doing better!!

Christmas at your house looks just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! I love all of your vintage silver ornaments...they are one of my favorites!

Hugs ~

:) T

Trisha said...

Oh no! I once thought that my contact was lost in my eye (it wasn't) and I scratched it so badly...I feel his pain! I love your silver ornaments and sugar bells-they are so beautiful and definitely make you think Christmas when you see them!!


White Ironstone Cottage said...

Sending prayers for your hubby
Mine ate an entire box of cooking chocolates? LOL

Miss Sandy said...

I hope your husband's eye heals swiftly. I love the little bells, they remind me of the ones on my beloved aunts wedding cake, so sweet. You have some really fun Christmas collections. Thank you for sharing a little Christmas cheer.

Donna said...

Eeew! I sure hope your hubby's eye is better! I kept waiting for you to say that he got glitter in his eye! There seems to be glitter all over the place at our house this year! I am in love with all of your silver ornaments! They are just gorgeous! And your decor for your luncheon was beautiful! Sometimes the simpler the design is, the better!

Fish Tail Cottage said...

loving the little votives! & those glittery houses you displayed (i'm thinking i might start needing to get some of eye is so drawn to the beauty of them!

ps - & the glittery musical birdie (darling)

d. reyné said... what was in your hubby's eye? I love the table decor! Simple is always better when it comes to things like this!
Even at home i have a silver mirrored tray with paperwhites and candles!
I love your bowls of vintage ornaments!
I can't find any such treasures locally!
I think you have the best junkin'places I have ever seen!
I just might have to hop in my little car and come see you this Spring!
Hugs my friend!

mo said...

Hi Sandi, Your Christmas decorations are charming. These vintage items are classics and will become more valuable every year. *hugs*

Lady Pamela said...

Oh dear, this is not your DH year, is it. Keep us posted on his recovery.
Your church is SO blessed to have you for decorating their functions. We have someone at our church who always does a fabulous job, too. Her name is Ellen.