Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A precious little singing sheep and other whites

Today started out fine I had a piece of marie callender’s razzleberry pie for breakfast. How much more fine can it get?

Tried to upload a video of my sweet singing granddaughter in her church play and it did not work on DIAL UP...

Then the furnace quit blowing hot air {I know ...don’t tell me it could run on MY hot air}
was hoping we had this problem fixed had to call hubby at work shut the furnace off...turn it back on now we have hot air need to call furnace man
decided to go ahead and get my White Wednesday post up...

Some of my favorite vintage silver ornies in my white
sugar bowl

more vintage ornies...can you tell I love silver ornaments?

I purchased this believe sign a few years ago
at Home Goods. Still love it as much today as the
day I bought it.

mitten ornament that yours truly made

a shot of my dining room corner...
noticing that hutch is too full! I need to be downsizing and hauling things
up to my booth!

different angle

I purchased these candleholders several years ago
at TJ Maxx and still love them too.
I wish I had picked up the third size though.
I have used these a lot.

Since I could not get the video to load for me
you can click on the link below and watch my sweet
grandaughter Keira singing
Baby Jesus I love you.
She is a little sheep and she is the one the lady picks up
and puts on the step. {she has pink on under her sheep costume}
You can also hear her voice
singing...the loudest one. YAY!! Her mommy and daddy
can be heard whispering, "awwww...you can hear her"
Linking up with Kathleen for White Wednesday again
this week!


Vintage Home said...

...Love your "corner"...and especially your white sugar bowl with the silver!

Marian said...

I so enjoy your posts, but now I am wondering where your booth is?

Fish Tail Cottage said...

Your home is so pretty! I really enjoy scrolling through all your posts (past & present) I adore your "believe" sign - just feel that word can signify so much! xoox

Angela said...

Love your silver and white, and also the littlest sheep's song!!

Sweet Old Vintage said...

I notice things when I snap pictures and look at them also... It just makes you think ... I got allot of stuff... The Jeanne d Ark style I love so much is much more sparce and I think that is a hard look for me to achieve as I tend to stuff....

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Gosh, what beautiful silvers and whites you've shared today, Sandi! LOVE them all! Especially that sweet mitten! Now I'm off in search of a little singing lamby.....

Happy Holidays!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hello Sandi... I love your white post this week especially... your hutch looks gorgeous, and so do all of your decorations... I am loving your white wreath! Where did you get that??? Love the little birdies too of course... and your silver vintage ornaments are so pretty... now I must go back and watch the little video... xoxo Julie Marie

Donna said...

Wow, so many pretty things here, Sandi! I am in love with your sleigh, and all of the silver ornaments, too! Your hutch is perfect and so festive! And the ornament you made is so pretty! Love all of the white and silver, that's my very favorite combo for Christmas! Hope your furnace doesn't go out again, it's brrrrr cold!

Miss Sandy said...

Awwww, she is as cute as a button! Love all the winter whites, the ornaments are awesome.

Elyse said...

oh sandi! it's a white christmas in your lovely home. beautiful.

thank you so much for the warm and comforting comment on my recent blog post. i am feeling the hugs!


Nita Jo said...

I love all your white and silver ornaments! I listened to your precious granddaughter Keira singing ... how sweet, and what a wonderful voice for such a little girl! Such a blessing!

A Cottage Muse said...

Oh...thanks for the link...she was just adorable!!!

I am loving your window on the wall with the wreath and the sweet little pair of ice skates on the tree!!

Happy WW dear friend!

Omi S. and her dog, Bender Oak Cannon said...

Love love love your Corner, and that mitten ornament you made is absolutely charming.

Thanks for sharing/found off White Wednesay!

Marie said...

Hi Sandi - I love all your silver ornaments, and your beautiful and slim tree, and every single White and Silver Christmas decor you have in your collection! Love em all!

Stopping by from WW and Merry Christmas to you!

Ellen said...

i love your blend of white and silver. Your decorating style is always so beautifully blended.


Karen Valentine said...

Hi Sandi!! It's all so beautiful. It's so much fun going and visiting all the wonderful Christmas decor around Blogland. Yours was no exception. Just beautiful!

vicki said...

These photos are absolutely beautiful! Your home is beautifully decorated and those ornaments are fabulous! Such a lovely post~~