Saturday, December 17, 2011

I must have done something good...

...that is what I am thinking anyways.
My hubby popped in the door a few days ago and handed me a dozen passion roses.
He sure surprised me!
Don't get me wrong, he does it periodically, but it still surprises me every single time.

They sure are a bright spot of color in my otherwise pretty neutral home. I took the photos of this bunch
when there was rain on the window...thus the spots, but I like it.

in L.O.V.E. with these postcards that are them when I ordered a magazine last year.

up close and personal

I split them up into two different containers. These are in the kitchen on my long white shelf and
the others are in my living room.

I guess he is still a keeper...for now anyways. Just kidding!!
I intend to grow old and senile with this man. lol.
{I am already well on my way. My cousin told me that I sent her TWO Christmas cards within a week of each other... I told her I at least hoped they were different cards and she said, Nope...same card, but different things written in each one so she is keeping them both! ha!} 
Happy weekend everyone and see you on White Wednesday post this week!


Bente said...

They are fantastic beautiful. You have such a sweet husband.

Have agreat sunday

Hugs from Norway

Shabby chic Sandy said...

What a wonderful holiday surprise. I love roses!

Dorthe said...

Oh Sandi,I had to laugh about the two cards,to one-sending!!! I have done the same once!!
The roses from your husbond are so wonderful a colour, and such a sweet thing to do :)
Hugs, Dorthe

Pattie said...

That was so sweet. they are so lovely. ENJOY them...


Debra @ Common Ground said...

The are so beautiful, you've got one sweet guy!! so glad you're able to comment as "you"!! LOL!! Have a wonderful Christmas week, Sandi! xoxo

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Sandi the roses are beautiful! What a precious man you have!
You are cracking me up with the cards! Sounds like me!

Julie Marie said...

Hi Sandi... your roses are so pretty!... As much as I love Christmas, I am missing the warmth of the sun and my roses in my garden... the day after Christmas, I put everything away, and start counting the days till Spring... that is funny about the cards... at least you did not forget her!... xoxo Julie Marie

Susan said...

Beautiful roses! Sweet hubby - he's a keeper Sandi! They look gorgeous in your vignettes. I think I have that same vase in the 1st photo - is it called hobnail?
Oh, and I love that Sound of Music song! :)
Be merry,

Marydon said...

Sandi, your hubby is a grem! What a lovely surprise with such gorgeous pinks. Envy! I can nearly smell the beautiful aroma filling your room. You deserve all you get, sweet friend.

Merry Christmas

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Beautiful flowers and I know my day is coming with sending multi cards:)


Amanda Kaake said...

What beautiful roses! That's hilarious about the cards. I can see myself doing that this year!

Pleuntje said...

Very nice. And of course the white card is al so very nice. Love Petra

andrea said...

So beautiful and romantic! andrea@townandprairie

andrea said...

So beautiful and romantic! andrea@townandprairie

Lady Pamela said...

I love it. 2 cards to the same person! My specialty is forgetting gifts that I have bought during the year and after Christmas I bring them out here and there and the kids think it is the funniest thing. "Oh, here is another Christmas gift, hidden ..." lol

A Cottage Muse said...

Just lovely...Sandi Claus better be good to him!