Thursday, July 5, 2012

The book that started it all and the SURPRISE!

This is the book that started it all. When I saw this in the store, I came home and ordered one online
 {much cheaper that way} and the planning began.

Just a little heads up...these photos are all out of order. Blogger has been giving me fits
so it is what it is today.
After all the festivities grandpa made cotton candy and my youngest son made snow cones.
Like I said in an earlier post we sure sugared up the kids!! :)

At the end of the party we let the guys join us too!! Maybe they could have been elves ? lol

Did I tell you our neighbors stopped by the night before and asked us if we needed more tents?
They thought we were having a wedding! :)

Remember in an earlier post I told you we had a huge surprise right as the fairy party ended?? I
think some fairy flitting about must have told the ice cream man that there was a party on this road.

We could NOT believe it when we were sitting around outside, heard music and here comes
 the ice cream truck!! You have to understand we live in the boonies and we haven't seen one
 in years. It was such a perfect end to a fairy party and grandpa paid so that was even
 better. *smile*

Ainsley sure enjoyed her ice cream. We took her outfit off a little too late, but I
went in the house and ran it under water and thankfully it came right out in a jiffy.

Not the best photo with all the sun and shadows, but Keira loves her jewels. :)

Did I show this photo before? Oh my...I am thinking that I did. I am losing track of what I posed and what
I didn't. lol. 

The night BEFORE the party after I had it all set up and had to take it down because of an impending

If I knew how to edit myself out I would have , but I don't possess those skills. ha! I look like
I have been drug through a knothole backwards, but I did want you to see all the others. It
was hard work running around after all those fairies trying to get phots. At one point I told my
daughter-in-law that I couldn't keep up and she said, "I know we need wings too"...:)

FUN, FUN day that ended all too soon, but wonderful memories were made!!
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Irene said...

I think you did a great job. You are an inspiring Grandmamma. I'm so glad you were in the photo. And not lying down. I'm collecting stuff, and hopefully my fairies won't drown in the pond.

Petite Michelle Louise said...

ooooh lucky YOU! you've managed to capture not one..not two..but THREE sweet fairies! ;)

Debra @ Common Ground said...

what a precious party, Sandi! You did a beautiful job and all the little fairies look like they had a wonderful time! Loved seeing you there!!

The Vintage Farmhouse said...

How fun that the ice cream truck came by!

June said...

I think you have the prettiest faeries in all the land Sandi! You have made memories to last a lifetime.
How cool about the ice cream truck!

Perfection my dear, perfection!!!!!!
sending hugs...

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Loving this post too--so sweet1