Sunday, July 1, 2012

Oh my gosh... I knew it!! Fairies ARE real!!

The fairy party has come and gone, but we made many precious memories that will last a lifetime.

We set up the tent the night before the party was to take place and I got it all decorated in
 anticipation of my sweet fairies arrival the next day.

THEN...the skies got dark and the clouds started rolling in as the wind picked up a little.
I received a text from my son in which he told me if we got what they did that we were in for
quite a storm. So...we took all the decorations down along with the tent.

We ended up only getting about 10 minutes of a gentle rain. Not even enough to
say we really received any. :(
Next morning when I crawled out of bed, hubby had the tent all set back up for me
so I decorated it again. lol.
My oldest granddaughter Allysha was sure a big help to me. She was here all week long
to help me get ready and I couldn't have done it without her. Thank you so much
Allysha!! I LOVE YOU bunches!! :)
Pretty, pretty granddaughter.  She used her fingernail stickers on her lips and around her
eyes. :) Isn't she a beauty??!!

Once the party started we played a few fairy games and the girls just loved them.  In
a few of these pictures they are picking up sparkly jewels that are on the ground and putting
them in their pretty little fairy sacks.

Apparently a sweet little fairy was flying overhead while we were all inside the tent.
  She was so anxious to see what was going on at the party instead of paying  attention
to where  she was going. WHACK! She smacked  right into the tree and dropped all
her jewels!!  Silly little fairy anyway.

My sweet little fairies had a wonderful time and kept saying that the little flying fairy sure
 dropped a LOT of jewels. In the midst of gathering them up Annika {above} was just so
 excited and exclaimed {twice}, " Oh my gosh... I knew it!! Fairies ARE real".  So fun!!

Annika, Ainsley and Keira still searching for more jewels.

Pretty little fairy feet. I had such fun buying their outfits, shoes and wings along with
everything else. :)

The last game we played was a fairy treasure hunt and here they have found a clue.

Pretty little clue all tied up with string and ribbon.

Little Ms Ainsley dumped all her jewels on the ground and played with them for

Sweet little fairies finding their loot at the end of the treasure hunt.

{I know these pictures go back and forth from one game to another and I didn't even
get one game included in the pix...sorry about that}

Fairy Ainsley loved this mirror and I was able to capture several cute poses.

I loved every minute of it, but I am telling you I am one tired grandma!! lol I am just doing my dishes
from last night and I am not one to leave dishes set at all.

Next post...fairy party decor...and more little fairy pictures of course.  :)


Carole said...

What precious memories they will have from this magical day. You outdid yourself. Such adorable photos...they are frame worthy.


The Vintage Farmhouse said...

Cute cute cute!!!!!

Trisha said...

You are truly blessed with all these precious little fairies!


Shabby chic Sandy said...

Oh my--the prettiest fairies ever! The party looks so pretty--can't wait to see more!

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Your little fairies are adorable. Did you ever doubt for once that fairies weren't for real?

Ozma of odds said...

...why, yes of course fairies are real! ~ and aren't we enchanted to have them frolicking in our gardens??!
love the photo with the fairy in front of the mirror! and the tent is just to fabo!
looks like it was such a lovely fairy fete:)

~priceless memories~

xo, Rosemary

Julie Marie said...

Oooh Sandi!... the fairy party turned out so enchanting!... and your little fairy granddaughters are the most enchanting of all... how precious they are!... I want to come to a fairy party at your house and look for jewels!... so happy the weather did not put a damper on your day... love their sweet little fairy outfits too, especially those little fairy slipper shoes... can't wait to see more!... xoxo Julie Marie

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Oh Sandi I am just catching up with your fabulous fairy party!! It all looks so pretty and fun, you did a wonderful job! You had the prettiest gathering of fairies!! I am going to have to remember this for my own little fairies one day!