Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Yummy Apple Crisp

Even though I am not ready, I am very slowly realizing that fall will soon be upon us.
I have also noticed many pretty fall magazine covers that are shouting out:
*buy me*!!

I did purchase a magazine a few weeks ago called Celebrate {Autumn Gatherings}. and
inside was a delicious recipe for Apple Crisp. Of course that led to having to purchase
some ramekins because there were no such things in this house. SO worth it because
the recipe for Apple Crisp is delicious!!

Granny Smith and Braeburn apples mixed with the perfect spices and sugar.

Oat and walnut topped desserts ready to pop into the oven...

These beauties just came out of the oven. I didn't bake them in the pan, but set them in it
afterwards. A perfect fall dessert that is the perfect small size. I recommend you purchase
the magazine if you so desire.

Next recipe to try out of the same magazine: Lemon Rosemary Cake...I can't wait...:)

{Magazine is by Phyllis Hoffman}


julie - eab designs said...

Oh my goodness... I promised myself I would lay off the sweets for a bit this week but this looks too yummy! And of course, I would need a scoop of vanilla ice cream to go along with the warm crisp!

Deborah said...


Bee happy x

Lady Pamela said...

Mmmmm. Apple crisp is one of my very favourites.

Shabby chic Sandy said...

That apple crisp looks delicious!

The Vintage Farmhouse said...

Mmmmm looks good! I am working on apple butter right now!

Susie said...

Sandi, The apple crisp looks great and it's one of my favorite Autumn desserts. Smiles to you,xo, Susie

Heaven's Walk said... stomach is growling now and it's 10pm. Not good! lol!

I love apple crisp more than apple pie, Sandi! I can hardly wait to buy some apples this week and make some! :)

xoxo laurie