Thursday, April 11, 2013

Keeping busy while I wait...

I have been trying to stay busy since my car has been down and I really haven't had the
urge to go anywhere! That is a good thing since we are now on WEEK 3! Don't get me
wrong, I do get out in the evenings once in awhile when hubby gets home from work,
but I can't just hop in my car and go during the day because it is not here. lol

I have been creating with old book covers and embellishing some cabinet cards.
Above is a work in progress...not done, but trying to decide where I want to
put the trim and buttons.

This is one of the cabinet cards that I embellished and it is already sold. :)

This one is an old book cover. I love the tiny green design on the background.
This one is sold as well. :)

Meet SADIE! Isn't she adorable?? I have an old,old songbook that has the names of
women for some of the titles. It is the strangest thing. It is a church songbook and the
name has absolutely nothing to do with the song. I haven't a clue how that came
about, but it is nice to find some neat names to use in my creations.

...and this is Elizabeth. I thought the names that I choose fit each person. :)

Have you ever painted a book?? I hadn't until I painted this one. It was an ugly yellow
color. I thought it couldn't possibly look any worse with a coat of white paint so
 paint it I did! I really like it now. I added some seam binding ribbon,vintage lace and a
 clip on earring. It will go in my Etsy store soon.

These are wooden buckets that I decoupaged on. Not the greatest photo, but you get the idea.

Well...there went my blog signature again. I get so aggravated when I accidentally push a key on the
keyboard and blows it away *sigh*}

Trying to keep busy...

GOOD NEWS...we pick up the car AGAIN tomorrow. Did you read my post where we had to have
the tranny rebuilt in Pennsylvania...our car stranded us? Well, on the way home it had a horrible
clunking noise that just kept getting worse so we had to take it to another shop 1.5 hours away.
Hubby kept telling me he just thought something didn't get tightened from when they did the
transmisson and he was right!! They found a lose bolt. Strange how much noise a lose bolt
can make, but my son informed me that it wasn't the bolt making the noise. It was whatever the
bolt was supposed to be holding in place that was moving around and making the noise.
Brilliant kid there!! I wonder where he got that?? lol

Happy Thursday blog friends!!




Deborah said...

Your makes are so gorgeous! love your supplies too :) hope you are having a happy week!

Bee happy x

Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Oh Sandi ..I know about car troubles .. we have 1 vehicle which 3 of us share...and it's going on about 300,000 miles. Last Year the trans went out so we had it re-built ... and yes they make a lot of odd sounds when something isn't secured have had that happen too. Looks like you have been a busy gal though ..and your creations are as lovely as always !

I hadn't visited in a long time ..and wanted to stop in and see what you were up to and say Hello !

Blessings ..Sara

Petite Michelle Louise said...

nothing worse than being stranded without a car sure do get a lot done when that happens. LOVE your newest creations!

Dorthe said...

Dear Sandi, you have created so many beautiful treasures, how lovely are all the cabinet cards you have altered, and I love the book cover you painted!
Hope your car will be ready for you tomorrow :-)

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Rainy days and rainy nights makes for great creating...I cleaned house today... Yesterday I went with 2 other friends to a style show and great scarf ideas at Ottawa to Touches.. They also served a lunch... was wonderful and I enjoyed it all so much.. I hadn't been away with any ladies since the first week in December so I made a promise to myself to enjoy more time with friends... With the forecast not good for a few days more I am hoping to work in my craft area... creating and getting more wishes... keep creating you are making lovely objects...

Irene said...

You are accomplishing much. good for you, I think I'd be sitting down and reading.

Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

So many pretties! ; )

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Lovely creations--

I can sympathize with the car problems--I was without a car for a year because of not being able to afford the part it needed. It was a good experience..makes me appreciate my car so much now! I had to depend on other people so much before, hated that. Hope your car drives wonderfully now!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Love what you are creating Sandi!!
Got my new treasure and just LOVE it!! Your packaging is so sweet and thoughtful!
Thank you!!

Sue said...

Absolutely beautiful work. Be proud!

Lady Pamela said...

I never knew you could paint a book cover, Sandi. That makes finding one by chance so much easier. ;) You have done some really lovely work. So good to have some creative time.