Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pure randomness and Etsy sale

This post is just pure randomness {is that a word??} , but some pretty images that I wanted to share.

I love this little ironstone dish above holding my stickers .

In my studio you will find, buttons, buttons and more buttons.

I have been working on book bundles and I am having a great time making them. 

A left over Easter photo...see , I told you...random!! ha!

Speaking of random...

L.O.V.E. these malt balls that I  picked up at the Harry and David
store when I was in PA visiting my sister. They were giving out free samples and they reeled
me in...hook, line and sinker! :)

I also found these fun opera glasses in PA that are marked PARIS.

up close and personal...

Speaking of car is finally done and ready to be picked up. We had to have the transmission
 rebuilt.  This car is to transfer over to be hubby's work vehicle when we get a newer one, but we
don't want to do that until late this fall or even next year. We want to drive his little 1995 Ford Ranger
until she breathes her last. We are on a mission to see just how long that will be. :)

I would rather drive an older vehicle and have no car payments , than have a new one with car
 payments. Yep...I have learned a little in my years of growing It isn't all about how other
people perceive us or about having the latest and greatest so we will keep plugging along on our
Michigan dirt road and count our blessings!  God is good!

{I am running a sale in my Etsy store. Just enter 
at checkout to get your 25 % discount. Lots of 
goodies in the store right now.}


marie said...

Random posts are fun...I love an assortment of pretty stuff! Your button jars are especially pretty!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

I love seeing your random treasures! I'm with you on the car thing. We have an old Ranger we couldn't live without too. Yay for getting your car back!

Lady Pamela said...

Your photos are so beautiful. Did you get a new camera? If I could only get decent photos, I might get back on my blog. I thought it was the camera, but after trying 3 different ones, I decided it wasn't the camera, but the photographer. lol