Monday, January 20, 2014

Belated Christmas

Just wanted to pop in and say hello and share a few belated Christmas photos.

We had Christmas with  my parents and our children this past weekend. Yep, kinda late
but that is what worked out best. As it turned out our oldest son and his family were sick
with that nasty flu so they didn't get to come and we missed them a lot!

My mom has always had the kids dress up at Christmas time and this year our grands were
the stars. :)

Baby Daniel playing with his drum that we bought for him.  Just look at that big
smile! Too cute!

I think at one time during the day most all the kids played with the drum. I am beginning to think that I should
have gotten a drum for everyone. Wouldn't that have made a great photo!! :)
These photos were taken at my youngest sons home.


Back to my parents house dad reading the Christmas story with my sister and her hubby
in the background.

So glad I got these photos of my him to pieces!

Precious memories in the making.


Donna said...

Sweet memories, indeed! How wonderful that you got these captures and saved these little slivers of time!

Betsy said...

This is such a sweet post. wonderful capture of your Dad reading the Christmas story. The children are just adorable.

Julie Marie said...

Wonderful photos Sandi!... love seeing a picture of your daddy, he looks so nice... love that he is reading to everyone as well... xoxo Julie Marie PS Also love your new header!...

Anonymous said...

Such precious memories to treasure. The kids look adorable!


Alice Wingerden said...

OH my goodness! Sooo cute Sandi!