Saturday, January 25, 2014

Handmade Gifts ~ Calendar Journal

I made a few gifts for Christmas this year and I will admit that it was fun. I used to do handmade gifts
 a lot in years past, but somehow had gotten away from it. This year it was more out of necessity than
 anything else {remember hubby's factory closed}, but I thoroughly enjoyed it for the most part.

I found this idea on Pinterest and I decided that this looked fun and like something someone
actually might use.
{never dreaming how much date stamping I would actually have to do for several calendars}

The original tutorial used vintage postcards, but I used regular greeting cards or note cards,
cut them down and it worked great! {except for the time that I cut FOUR cards in a row all
the wrong size!!}

It truly was a labor of love, but worth every minute of it...I think...*SMILE*

My sister is a shoe lover so I used cards with different shoes printed on them that I had in my stash.
WHO KNEW that I would find 12 different shoe for each month? Well...truthfully I didn't.
I think I found ten, but I did find two other cards that also fit in nicely with the shoes.

So....if you have nothing else to do today, may I suggest that you make one of these cute
calendar / journals?

All you need is index cards, {you have to cut each and every card in half...
so I needed 365 days x 5...that is a lot of cards! Oh yes, you also need about 100 more for the
mistakes you make. ha!}, some berry boxes {I purchased them on Etsy}, some type of cards
{greeting or vintage postcards} and cute twine. Oh , I almost forgot the most important part.
Go online and buy a date stamp also. They had one at Walmart for over $16 and I was having
 none of that, so I got on on ebay for about $5 including shipping!

You do have to admit...they are cute right?? The idea is to write the year such as 2014 on the
first line and just a little blip of your day. Then next year  you write 2015 on the next line
and a blip about that day...and on and on. So this way your little journal will encompass
several years in one cute little berry box.

Adorable idea, but I can't get much written on one line so I use two...or three. lol

Please share your pics if you decide to make one of these for yourself or for someone else. I would
love to see them.

For the original tutorial please click here.

I also found the free printable online for the "just for you"  gift tag.  Click here to get to
that page.

I think it is the cutest thing since sliced bread...maybe?


Ellie said...

WOW! Your calendars are spectacular. What a beautiful and inspiring gift made from the heart. Thanks for sharing.

Betty W said...

That is so cute and a very clever idea.

Donna said...

What a great idea - a cute calendar system with journaling!

RaeAbigael said...

amazing! such a great idea! :) i might actually make one too! :DD thanks for sharing this! ^^)


Kathy said...

How extremely clever! I know it was a lot of work, but that gift truly came from your heart. I love looking back in my blog to see what I was doing a year ago, two years ago. This would have it all right there. I think it would work with a notebook too. Oh, now you have me thinking and planning. Oh my!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

These are such a cute idea Sandi!!

Sue Kosec said...

What a fabulous idea. Girl ... put it out there that you'll make them to sell. Yes - I'm sure you get orders. Time-consuming, I know, but it's no-brainer work you can do while in front of the telly. Go ahead - I dare you!