Monday, January 13, 2014

A new year brings new blessings...

...and a renewed hope along with the ability to try new adventures that God has laid out before
 us. We are definitely on that path this year.

I can joyfully report that hubby found a new job and he started today.
Praising God for that wonderful blessing!

Not as much money as he was making before, but the benefits are good and there is a potential for
raises so he could be right back up to what he was making in time.

He will be on first shirt for 60-90 days and then will be going on 2nd shift. This is a little bump in the
 road because he loves to race his RC cars and he will miss that, but he is happy for a job. I told him
 to race every chance he gets before he goes on 2nd. :)  He also drives 45 minutes one way to work, but
 that is only about 15 minutes farther than he was so we are just trusting that God will keep his little
 Ford Ranger running until he can get established in this new job and we can get another vehicle.
This is certainly not what we had planned for the new year, but God often throws a kink in our
 plans doesn't He?  He does know best so we are putting our faith and trust in Him.

In a span of about six weeks my husband lost his father very suddenly , had to tell his 44 year old
 brother that he is adopted and his factory closed with no warning. If that doesn't bring a person closer
 to God, then I don't know what will, but we are humbled and thankful for Gods goodness to us.

Also, my dear father was diagnosed with pneumonia this past week , but he is doing better
so we are thanking God for His healing and watch over him.  Praying that God showers you
 with blessings that overflow in this new year!!

{Note: if you are interested in any of the above candles I sell them for $10 each plus
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God is good ....all the time!!



julie - eab designs said...

I have kept your family in my prayers with regard to your husband's job search so I am so happy to hear this good news! He certainly faced a number of challenges last year and I wish you both joy and peace in the coming year. Hugs - Julie

Lady Pamela said...

Dear Sandi - I was wondering how things were going with you and your family. It is truly a blessing for your husband to find a job. I am glad God has answered 'yes' to our prayers. Yes, you have had many trials these past few weeks. Now it is time to rest.
My Dad is in hospital now. Very sudden, too. It was so hard at first, now I am able to accept what God has for us. Dad is improving daily, but we still don't know what it was that made him so ill.

Shabby chic Sandy said...

So much is going on with your life! A new year and a new beginning--I wish you the best!

Donna said...

I know that you and your family have gone through a rough patch, and I hope that it all smooths out for you soon! Thank goodness for the new job for your husband.

Julie Marie said...

So happy to hear your husband got a new job Sandi... and despite the painful events of the past year, you always keep a positive outlook on life... your candles are beautiful... sending much love... and I hope your daddy continues to feel better... xoxo Julie Marie

Shabby soul said...

Hope this new year will bring you only peaceful days and beautiful things, darling Sandi!
I'm sure it will be so =)

Heaven's Walk said...

Oh sweet friend...I continue to pray for you and your family. And I pray that these bumps in the road just are tiny blessings in disguise. Holding you close in a great big hug, Sandi - and give my congrats to your hubby on his new job! ♥

xoox laurie