Friday, February 7, 2014

Hearts, sparkles, xoxo and all that love!

Valentines Day is one week away...are you ready?? I think I have done more decorating
for it this year than I ever have. Could be because I have been stuck inside this house
with winter storm, after winter storm, after winter storm, get my *drift*?

{see how I did that there...*drift*? lol We have had a LOT of them and HUGE ones}

On one of the rare days that I was able to get out of our driveway, I  went to town and purchased three
 of these paper mache heart boxes for 1.00 each at JoAnn Fabric.

{and they weren't even on sale. lol.}

Then I set about painting and embellishing them.

I also added silver glass glitter to each one to give them that added sparkle.

{source for glass glitter that I used can be found by clicking here
Nicki is out of stock right now, but will be getting more in}

I also made a glass glitter banner of x's and o's and red felt hearts.

 They sure do sparkle!

AFTER I took these photos , I decided to add red hearts on each end of the banner also. lol.

Can never have too much love hanging around...*smile*

Last week {or the week before...I lose track of time easily} I sat down and cut out
some cute little hearts from batting and felt. Then I filled them with rice for hand warmers.
Sure could have used these wayyyyy before I made them.  We have had such bitter
cold temps this year.  Brrrr!!

I blanket stitched the edge. Again, AFTER I had made several and you could see where I
stopped and started the edging by using a KNOT, I googled how to start and end a blanket
 stitch the RIGHT way. You would think that I would have done that first, but no...Sandi
 doesn't work that way. ha!

Wouldn't a few of these be adorable inside the paper mache embellished heart boxes?

I found the idea for the hand warmers on Pinterest.
You will them with rice and then nuke them in the microwave for 30 seconds.
Stick them in your pockets in the winter to help keep your hands warm. I have heard
that they keep warm from 30 minutes up to an hour, but I haven't tested that out yet.

 I did test them out just by nuking them and finding that they did get nice and warm, but
didn't test the time limit out.  I figured they are cute just to lay around even if they aren't
 used for warmers.  I want to put them to the test this weekend.

Happy week of LOVE coming up!!

PS I had totally forgotten that the initial place where I first saw hearts for hand
warmers was over at Idyllhours blog by Julie Marie. I always want to give credit
where credit is due so I sure messed up on this one. Sorry Julie Marie! ♥ 


julie - eab designs said...

Love all of your decorations, especially the hand warmers. I have some wool felt on hand that would be perfect for this. Hope some warmer weather comes your way soon.

Irene said...

love the hand warmers

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Lots of cute projects, Sandi! Great you are keeping busy with this horrible Winter. I have been doing more for Valentine's Day than I normally would myself because of being stuck inside. I love the boxes and how you did them up. Great project for a $1.00 box!

Kelly_Deal said...

Beautiful projects Sandi! Love the glass glitter!

Julie Marie said...

Hi Sandi... love all of your valentines decor... those little boxes are too sweet... not sure if MY heart handwarmers are on Pinterest, if they are, I hope they link back to me!... but you emailed me about mine and left me comments... I was sooo excited I came up with the idea... maybe someone else did too?... (you asked me about putting minute rice in them?)... xoxo Julie Marie

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

These are such pretty ideas Sandi! Heading to Vermont this weekend for a wedding, love is in the air!

Julie Marie said...

Wow, I just saw all nine million of the heart warmers on Pinterest... and here I thought I came up with the idea from my rice filled shoulder pad I use... anyway, I was flattered that you commented on mine and asked about them as you are such a talented crafter!!!... xoxo Me

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Surely this is a site well worth seeing.

Betty W said...

Your hearts are so pretty, but I adore the box heart.

Createology said...

Warm hands and hearts are exactly what this Winter of snow and extreme Polar Vortex frigid temperatures need. How sweet yours are. Love all the glitter too! Creative Bliss...

Lynnie CottageGalstyle said...

Lovely little heart boxes. So pretty they way you decorated them.
Hugs, Lynnie

Lynnie CottageGalstyle said...

Lovely little heart boxes, love the way you decorated them.
Hugs, Lynnie

Donna said...

Love these ideas! I ought to make some hand warmers so we can use them during our neighborhood walks. And I taught myself how to do an invisible ending to the blanket stitching. I guess I'll have to google it and see if I'm doing it the correct way!

Lady Pamela said...

I am so glad you are keeping yourself distracted from the awful weather by making beautiful crafts. I have been very busy getting ready for the painters on Wednesday. That should really brighten up our living room/dining room. I wish you were here to help me put things back, I want to change things up a little. Might as well start over while I have the opportunity.

Joyce said...

Sandi, I love your heart creations, especially the banner! Too cute! Still loving my tote bag I bought from you, carry it everywhere! Happy valentines day!

Darrielle Tennenbaum said...

I love the XOXO glitter garland!

Darrielle Tennenbaum said...

I love the XOXO glitter garland!