Monday, April 14, 2014

Tuliptree and Toadshade Trails ~

Yesterday afternoon our youngest son and his family went with us to a nature preserve called
Goll Woods
 that is in our area. I can't remember the last time we walked in here!
I wanted to last fall and it didn't work out so we got a jump on it this year. Not many pretty
leaves or flowers yet, but we will come again in a few weeks when the tulip trees and other
flowers are in bloom hopefully and again in the fall.

We followed our son and he took us over this bridge on the way.
Of course I had to have hubby stop the Jeep and get out and snap a few pics.

We parked our vehicles and hit the trails.
Don't you just love the names? I do!
We decided to walk Tuliptree Trail first.

The little girls did well overall. Big sister Annika did a lot of whining the farther
we walked, but I thought they did a great job because we walked over 3 miles.
Maybe four.

This is what sweet Ainsley said to her mommy after picking up these two sticks.

Moss was everywhere you looked and it was great to see some green.

I tried to take photos of unique trees.

I think this is a shag bark tree? 

A huge roll of barbed wire

Have you ever seen a camouflage tree? Pretty neat. We saw a few of these.

I wonder what little creatures have wandered in and out of here over the years.

This was the second trail we walked called Toadshade Trail.

I wanted to get a shot of how huge these trees look next to us. 

These trees are just crazy

Son Nathan on a baby snake hunt. It wriggled away so I couldn't get a photo.

Contemplating the long walk ahead? lol

There were several trees with carvings on them along the river.

This sweetie did a lot of this...her legs could just hardly carry her. 

This tree reminded me of an elephants foot! What do you think?

This photo should have been up higher in the post , but I forgot to add it.
 {Had to get one of myself in here too}
If you scroll up higher in this post you will see that my son swiped my hat and was wearing it.
 He LOVES that hat. {It is really my husbands}

We had a WONDERFUL family time, but I am just not as young as I used to be. I went into this walk already
aching all over and I was worse for wear when we got home. Exhausted, but it was so worth it. I love
family times like this. I hope you enjoyed our nature walk as well! I took about 280 pictures plus so I
really had to pare them down!!

{I am having an online garage sale again so be sure and check out my previous post. I will be adding
more things as the days go by. Thank you!!}


Julie Marie said...

Oooh Sandi, what a beautiful Nature walk... you know me and Nature!... thank you so much for taking us with you... I love all of those wonderful trees and that one with the openings at the bottom is home to woodland fairies, I am certain... always love seeing young children taught to appreciate and care for Nature at an early age... that covered bridge is just breathtaking!... and all of your little grandchildren are adorable... how blessed you are to have this beautiful spot so close to home... xoxo Julie Marie

Susie said...

Sandi, I loved your pictures. Those little sweethearts, so precious. Sorry I haven't been to visit much. I have a new computer and still am having problems..of course it's me not this computer LOL. I hope all is well for you and yours. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Irene said...

What a great day. Those trees with all their growths look really cool.

julie - eab designs said...

Loved all the photos - almost as good as being there! What wonderful trails to explore and how fun you were able to have your grandkids join you. Hope you'll take pictures when you return later to share with us.

Heaven's Walk said...

What a beautiful way to spend an afternoon, Sandi! Your photos are so beautiful! Isn't there just something so romantic about covered bridges? Must be because I always think of the book, "The Bridges of Madison County", which I've always loved. :) You are so blessed to have a family who loves being out in God's beautiful creation!

xoxo laurie

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

What a wonderful family outing! None of us get to do this as much as we would like to. So good in all ways for everybody! I hope you have a lovely Easter! So nice that you came by!

Kathy said...

How nice to take us along with you. I used to do a not of hiking and nature walks until this arthritis I have now just will not let me. You made me realize how much I miss it.

I just love all your photos and if I were with you in person would insist on seeing all 200+.

Donna said...
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