Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I love flowers in the Springtime...

Don't you just LOVE the Springtime and all the flowers bursting forth out of the not so long ago
frozen earth? I know I do!

This lilac bush is one that I photographed at the Hillsdale College Arboretum last week. I adore the
 color and daintiness of this strain. So many different colors of lilacs. I just can't get enough!

I added a postmark to this one

Have you ever seen this Columbine? Doesn't it really remind you of grandma's bonnet?
My bff gave me several starts of these and they are doing great.

Another one in a different color

My bff also gave me tons of these.
She said they are called Japanese Wind Flower...love them as they just dance in the wind!

Hubby and I walked back through the woods last week also
{he is still laid off so that gives us time to do things that we didn't have time for before}
The woods was just FILLED with Trillium! I adore these wildflowers as well.

This is a birdbath in one of my flower gardens. This one is in the front of the house.
I love to hear the trickling of water from my fountains.

I hope you had a great weekend and that blessings abound to each and every one of you
 in the week ahead.

I must get busy again...so many things to do and not enough hours, but I am
wearing myself out fast! I got a dilly of a sunburn yesterday, but it was well
worth it.
Happy Spring / Summer!!


Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

Beautiful garden!!! Your BFF is a sweetheart to give you so many lovelies. :)
~ Lin

Anonymous said...

I really thought spring would never get here and seeing it in beautiful photos like yours is true eye candy! Thanks for sharing the beauty that surrounds us.


Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Gorgeous photos!

Faded Charm said...

I love all the Springtime blooms as well and have most of what you shared blooming at my house. I love the triliums that grow wild in the forest that edges our property mixed in with ferns and bleeding heart...♥



Irene said...

I love the flowers too.

augcott said...

Lovely shots .... especially fond of the lilacs.
diane @ thoughts and shots

Sue said...

Sandi, thank you so much for posting the pictures of the flowers - especially the beautiful lilacs. These don't grow down in these parts and I sure miss them. Hmmmmmmm.


Donna said...

I love spring flowers too. They are the reward of getting through the winter season. I especially adore that type of columbine! God bless your bff for sharing with you.