Thursday, May 22, 2014

Rolling along...singing a song...


I would love you to ride along with me today as I share a few more garden pics.
Did you hop on? Okay, here we go!!

Sweet Woodruff and the bicycle just go together, don't you think?

Yes, I got carried away taking bicycle pics. lol

First stop is near the door on the back deck.
This is a very favorite clay pot filled with flowers.

Next, we will pull up along the side of the house to show you all the work I did today.

I am telling you, I worked and worked trying to clean up the flower beds
and getting out the weeds and I am plumb worn out!

I had a garage sale this past Saturday and several people wanted to buy my yard art including
this Welcome to my Garden sign that is painted on an old screen. I told them it was not for sale.

 I also dug up hosta and sold them.
I had a big wheelbarrow full and people actually asked me if I would dig up more! {I didn't}
They sold like hot cakes for 50 cents a clump. I am thinking about going into the hosta business.

We are back to near the door again! We are sure getting a workout. Someone didn't plan
this bicycle trip very well. ha!

We are now riding past some creeping phlox that just keep spreading every year.

 I LOVE this time of year because
the back deck area looks wonderful with all the spring blooms. By mid summer it gets rather
dreary looking though so I have to enjoy it while I can.

Along the way we pass the Sweet Woodruff again...

{Some also wanted to buy this sign!! NOPE...not for sale!}

...and an herb pot that I made this year.

I tried something new by creating a tiered pot assemblage with herbs in each pot.
I thought up this idea all on my own, but I am sure it has been done somewhere before.
 I really like how it turned out.

A person can never have enough Lemon Thyme and it smells wonderful as it wafts
through the air.

We are now riding down the path that is strewn with crab apple blossoms. It smells

This was hubby's idea so I obliged him. He saw this basket sitting on the deck {from my last
years was green moss initially} and hung it on the tree so I planted an impatiens plant in
 it and an ivy plant. Hope it does well. It should because it gets nice shade here.

I hope you enjoyed "rolling" through my gardens today on my white bicycle.  Our ride ended
way too soon, but I do hope that you enjoyed it and that you will visit again soon.

 I have so much more work to do and I am just getting too old and worn out to keep up with all this.
 I may have to yank it all someday and put in stone, but for now I will enjoy the beauty.


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Your gardens look very pretty, Sandi! I could not deal with the maintenance of our gardens anymore at our old house, especially being the only one doing it. Stay-at-home-Mom garden beds from when I was in my 30's were different from I'm-working-full-time-now garden beds in my 40's! : ) When we moved for my husband's job, that was one of the reasons why we looked at condos. There is actually some planting I can do around our condo and I have done, but it is just enough for me to handle.

Irene said...

thank you for the ride, I can't ride a bike. Love your blooms, a hosta business sounds good. I could have done that a few years ago. I divided mine all up an gave them to a neighbor who had just put in a pool and needed some stuff. I estimate that she owes me $30 at 50cents each, but they are really like $4 each so that certainly is a savings. I've been looking for a White Feather Hosta, without luck. It's real cool you like it, it white leaves, like an albino version of what you have.

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

One of these bike is on my "REALLY want" list -- so cute the way you have it all dressed in the flower bed. That screen you painted is very clever -- I can see why everyone wanted to buy it.

Seawashed said...

Its all lovely. Thyme is my favorite herb and I grow it everywhere in our gardens. It often takes over and so I have to pull it all out and replant. I use it in my cooking, but also just find it beautiful.

RaeAbigael said...

your garden is a perfect place to read books, sketch/paint, and just... enjoy the beauty of life. :"> so beautiful! :)

xoxo, rae

Connie said...

Oh, I love your herb pot and your bicycle photos are gorgeous.
What a pleasant post :)
Thanks for sharing.
Have a wonderful weekend,
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Sue P. said...

Great idea for the tiered herb pot. I love to cook with fresh herbs and recently planted back porch pots full of herbs, including some lemon thyme. I wish I was close enough to have attended your yard sale! Beautiful post.
Sue P.

Burlap Luxe said...

Oh Sandi, thank you dearly for taking the time from your hosta business to visit me :)
I so enjoyed my bike ride with you through the gardens here. Your planting are so sweetly beautiful and I to have planted my share of garden herbs, lately I am hooked on Rosemay and my varied bushes are doing well.

Thank you for your sharing her, as for the bike it looks great in the garden right where it belongs.


Sue Kosec said...

Thank you for being my designated driver. The view was magnificent. I miss my garden!


Donna said...

Love these photos! And the sweet woodruff was the perfect backdrop for the old bike.

Lady Pamela said...

Looking wonderful, Sandi. Ours is coming along so slowly. I am trying to get everything ready by June 24, I am planning a garden party for my birthday.