Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Breadstyx Bistro

When you get old like the hubs and I are {ahem..cough, cough} it is a challenge to find somewhere
new and interesting to visit that isn't halfway around the world. Oh Paris, where art thou? Too
far away...okay I digress...anyway...we went to Defiance, Ohio last Saturday. It is a town that we
frequent{about 35 miles away} and we ate at this wonderful Bistro. We have eaten here
 once before, but we forget all about it!! {another sign of getting old!} It is downtown and most
 times when we shop in Defiance we are at the mall end so thus we forget.

The outside is just as cute as the inside!

I just love the way it is decorated! For a gal who decorates with mostly all neutral this bistro
is a bright pop of color and just perfect for springtime!

Love the brick walls! Hubby and I got here at the perfect time when hardly anyone else
was here so i was able to get a few pics.

Hubs ordered a "build your burger". Don't you just love the newspaper and the tin bucket?
I love little details and always have so this really grabbed my attention! love it!

I don't know why I ordered pizza, but next time I am ordering a sandwich just to get the cute
pail and newspaper. ha!! The food was delish!

If you happen to be in Defiance, Ohio anytime soon be sure and check it out.
Wonderful place to enjoy lunch!!

200 Clinton Street
Defiance, Ohio

Their Facebook page is here

Happy Wednesday!!


Unknown said...

What a cute, little place to eat and the food looks great!

Julie Marie said...

Oh Sandi, what a darling place!... and that burger and fries, yum!... how cute their decor is, I love the wine bottles on the wall... wish I lived closer!... xoxo... Julie Marie

Irene said...

Looks yummy. Glad you had a nice time.

Jeanie said...

Saving this one! Defiance is day-trip distance and this place looks delightful!

Sue Kosec said...

When I come to visit you, will you take me there???????? Love the purple but I bettcha I'd love those fries a whole lot more.


julie - eab designs said...

Just passed midnight here & finally getting a chance to catch up on some blog reading. Now I want to head to the kitchen because that burger looks amazing! I love when you share pictures of your adventures. Seems like I got to tag along!