Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Jeanne D' Arc Crocus and DON'T move the table!

My Jeanne D' Arc snowdrops are up!! Aren't they beautiful! I just love them and also love the name!!

{scroll to the bottom and you will see the corrected photo. Don't know why I called them Snowdrops}

I have been painting yesterday and today.

Let me tell you how all this started:

Yesterday I wanted to move the white table out and move the smaller
table in front of the window. When I moved the white table of course I had to sweep the floor,
which led to mopping the floor, which led to "OH MY the trim needs painting" , started
painting the trim, then realized "OH great time to paint the wall"...run to town
got paint and it snowballed from there.

Moral of my story: DON"T MOVE YOUR TABLE!
It starts a whole process that you just can't stop.

 I am so tired of climbing over things, but this is just the way I roll. There was more out here ,
 but I did move some into the kitchen. I don't mind painting...it is all the prep work that
 I despise. ha!

I had to straddle the washer, dryer and water heater to get it painted above the shelf. How fun. I sure
didn't think this through when we put it up. Maybe I thought I would never paint again. ha!

Also, my vanity here that I love...well that wasn't thought through either. How in the world am I going to
paint behind the window?? I bet I will figure it out if nothing more than and long handle on a paint
brush. Oh the crazy things I do!

{The paint color is "country fog" and the matching for the trim is "pinch of salt".}

I came in for a lunch break and remembered I had some of these in the cabinet so they were my
treat for all my hard work. *SMILE* Have you ever had them? SO yummy!!

I gotta get back to painting. Three walls still need a second coat! I hope that someday I also learn to
get paint that covers in ONE coat.

How is your day going? I am tired and probably won't be able to move tomorrow, but hey I got
something accomplished!



Linda said...

Beautiful Dutch Jeanne D'Arc crocuses!! Wish I could grow them down here. Always enjoy your blog. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Pretty flowers!
I guess it must be our name...I paint the same way!

Julie Marie said...

Wow, that's alot of work!... as for the malted milk balls, I have not tried that kind, but I LOVE milkballs!... xoxo... Julie Marie

Jeanie said...

Do you hire out?! I need to do so much around the house -- basement purging, garage cleaning and then painting. Ugh! But you make it look so easy! An illusion, I suspect, but a very good one!

rush said...

The crocus are beautiful! We don't get them here in southeastern NC. I don't know if it's that they don't grow here, we don't have any personally, or I don't notice them in other people's yards because they are so small!!! We had them when we lived in Ohio, and they were the first things to pop up through the snow! They were THE signal of spring!