Monday, September 14, 2015

A whole lot of paintin' going on!

There has most definitely been a whole lot of painting going on at the Boothman house.
It amazes me how much a can of paint can transform almost anything!
Nearly every day I put on my painting duds and head upstairs. It seems to be a never ending
project. It is a small room so I can't imagine how long it would take me to do a large room!

To be fair, I had to work around furniture and that is always FUN...not! 

So, these photos are kinda in the wrong order...oops!  I wanted a plank wall in the room upstairs
so that is what we worked on last week...the hubs and I. He is a great sport about trying to fulfill my wishes. :)

We purchased a sheet of 1/4 inch plywood and ripped it down in 6 inch strips.
Then I laid them out on sawhorses and started painting them. I thought I was done and the hubs thought
I needed to add some white. I DID!! HOW HORRIBLE does this look??? HAHA!!

NOPE this is not staying this way. It looks like a spotted owl on steriods!!

Second go around MUCH BETTER! In fact I am in love with it...{if you can be in love with
a WALL} We have talked about putting can lights above it ...time will tell. We definitely need
more light in this room and I think they would be perfect. 

This is one of the first pictures I took when I started working on the room. Just sneak peaks, but trust
me you don't want to see all the UGH! This room hasn't been re-decorated for 16 years!! IT WAS TIME!

I initially wanted to just remove the wallpaper at the top and paint the wall because I am
SO OVER WALLPAPER, but as fate would have it, that wasn't a possibility with these old walls.

We don't have the money or the UMPH to take it all down to the studs and put up drywall so I
WALLPAPERED AGAIN....just the top part though. I used a textured paper that is great
for hiding imperfections in old houses.

Last time this room was fixed up was for our 19 year old daughter and that was in 1999!
Oh , mercy!! How did I let it go this long?? AND what in the world was I thinking when
I decorated it the way I did way back then?? I will have to dig out a photo sometime and
share it.  You won't believe it. :)

This is a built in bookcase that we really don't have the option to take out so I am adding
some detail to it. It looks much better than it did me! Prior to this it was loaded
with shelves and books. No more. I think I am going to be getting rid of a LOT of books. 

Woke up today and  I decided to paint the entry doors of our house.
{no I am NOT done upstairs. ha!}
You have to do it while the weather is nice and it was beautiful today.

This is the first coat on our back door. It went on a light gray primed door that had never
been painted.

This is the outside of the front door. The SAME paint on this door as the back. It was already
painted dark blue {several years ago} so this is on top of that.
After painting it, I am not sure if it will adhere good to this door, so this one may have to be
stripped down {dear Lord, I hope not!} and re-painted. Time will tell.

I LOVE the color! I found this color or kinda this color on Pinterest and fell in love with it.
I knew our doors have needed painted for a long time so I took the plunge. This is
WAY OUTSIDE THE BOX for me, but I do like it.

There is always so much to do when you own and old house and it seems at times that it
 is never-ending.

I will share pictures of the whole room once it is all done. I think you will like it.
I know I will!


Irene said...

you're a machine...

Sea Cottage said...

I will look forward to seeing it when it is done because I cannot quite figure it out! The planked grey wood wall is wonderful.

You must have a big house if you have a room that has not been touched for 16 yrs. Every room in our cottage is used and constantly revolving it seems. Only one child is left at home now and so the day will be here sooner than I desire when we will have a room or two to spare.

Your Autumn banner is lovely.
ox Kerrie


Pretty color on the doors. I getting serious about painting my living room walls...loved the sea salt color, but now ready for something in grey since I've done my bathroom and bedroom in grey tones.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

I'm loving the new look in that room, especially the plank wall!!
I love that you went out of your comfort zone on the doors...the color is so pretty!!

Junkchiccottage said...

The door color is beautiful and love the plank walls. You go girl!

Susie said...

Sandi, I had to laugh about your painting duds...I wore the same sweat pants to do the staining every time. I'll be ready to burn them after I paint a couple more things. LOL. I haven't paint any room here since we moved in... we painted lots then. Also I helped my Angie paint her whole new house... I did most of it and thought my painting days were over... It just kills me to climb ladders now. I absolutely love the color of your doors...oh I understand , stopping one project and jumping into another. LOL. It's always something, when you own a home and want it nice. Blessings my sweet friend, xoxo,Susie

Sandy Lemasters said...

Hi Sandi, Your wall looks fabulous! I was wondering how you achieved the look. Was that a dry brush technique? Did you paint the wall gray first then white washed it? We are getting a new barn door made yet want it to look "old" with a white washed finish. You did a great job on BOTH projects! Sandy